Pawshion Police: Mother’s Day Brunch Edition

Izzy: Happy Mother’s Day, everyone, and welcome to the Pawshion Police! I’m Izzy.

Elsa: And I’m Elsa! So happy that spring has arrived with all its floral pattern and delicate fabric glory!

Izzy: Do you have your Mother’s Day brunch attire chosen, Elsa?

Elsa: Of course. Do you?

Izzy: Shopping and choosing outfits is one of my many talents. What would you recommend for someone who is still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Brunch attire?

Elsa: There are a few givens when choosing Mother’s Day brunch attire. Mother’s Day is, of course, in the springtime, so pastel colors, floral patterns and lightweight fabrics are always a good option. Some parts of the country have warmer climates than others, so be sure to dress for the weather and your personal preference. A lightweight cardigan or blazer might do the trick in a breezy climate or an air conditioned restaurant.

Izzy: Good advice. And since the definition of brunch dictates that the time of day is late morning til early afternoon, you can automatically rule out any evening attire.
I find that men have a more difficult time finding appropriate attire than most women. Perhaps its because some men don’t like to dress up and therefore don’t have as many options in their closet.

Elsa: True. And other men find that wearing pastel colors is too feminine.

Izzy: My beau wears pink and, trust me, he’s all man!

Elsa: Well, congratulations, Izzy, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. That’s so exciting.

Izzy: Okay, well, we haven’t made it official yet, but @rockerthefrenchie certainly is fun to flirt with and he makes for amazing eye candy! Take a look at his Sunday brunch outfit.

Elsa: That man really can make a girl swoon! I think this is proof that men can wear pink without compromising their masculinity.

Izzy: He is so totes cute! Men, take notice of everything right about this male brunch outfit. He has chosen a bright pink which is totally appropriate for the occasion.

Elsa: The color is not only appropriate but it complements his dark complexion. For me, the contrasting heather grey vest and tie really makes this outfit masculine, indeed.

Izzy: Yes. If the tie and vest had been in a darker color, it would have made it look too evening and if it had been in a lighter color, it wouldn’t have been as masculine. Very strategic planning by Rocker.

Elsa: Do you like that he left his top button undone on both the shirt and the vest? I think it adds a modern vibe and transforms it from groomsmen to brunch attire. The shape of the bow tie also makes it more daytime, with its rounded corners.

Izzy: You know my favorite part? I love the rolled-up sleeve. It looks casual and modern, masculine and nonchalant. Perfection. Plus, it shows off his manly muscles. I really want to kiss that face.

Elsa: Pink really is a great color and as you can see, is not necessarily feminine. In fact, women can wear it without being overtly feminine too. For example, take a look @kiwi_the_teenie_weenie.

Izzy: Kiwi, you look amazing and ready for a special brunch. Not only is this a good example of how to wear pink without going overboard, but it is also a good example of mixing patterns.

Elsa: I hope she carries that glass of pink lemonade around with her everywhere she goes, because it looks so perfect with her outfit.

Izzy: Though I see some logistical issues with that idea, I do love the thought of the pink lemonade as a beautiful accessory. I love how she added both a collar with charm and a bow tie.

Elsa: If not done with an editing eye, multiple accessories can look heavy and distracting, but this time, it works. I think the lightness of the tie color and the fact that the charm is askew is what makes it work.

Izzy: And of course, the jacket is superb. It is a somewhat casual jacket, with that fabulous plaid lining, but when paired with the complimentary plaid bow-tie, it looks great. The combination makes the jacket more formal and the tie more casual.

Elsa: In other words, perfect for Sunday brunch! Plus, Kiwi, I love your posture! Must be nice having such a long neck!! You can wear everything with that amazing body!

Izzy: Here is another example of how to wear pink! Meet @bentleythepom_la.

Elsa: What a stunning picture! I love the blush pink, the touch of sparkle and the sweet accessories.

Izzy: Bentley looks amazing and proves that even boys like to be princesses once in awhile.

Elsa: Bentley is impeccably groomed, tastefully accessorized and is obviously aware of what color palette compliments his complexion.

Izzy: Of course Bentley looks fabulous and is dressed perfectly for a luncheon with Mom, but my favorite part of this entire look is Bentley. He is secure enough in his own identity to explore both male and female fashion. He is gender fluid and I adore him for it.

Elsa: I agree! The butterflies escalate this look for me. I adore how the wings of the butterflies are brushed with gold, which mimic the gold at the hem of his gown. What a beautiful photo of a beautiful soul.

Izzy: Bentley, you look like a delicate princess and I applaud you for your boldness and fashion-forward thinking.

Izzy: Smart choices, for sure. And now it is time to move onto some not-so-wise choices….

Elsa: @francislebouledogue, there sure is a lot going on with this look!

Izzy: I understand trying to be unique and making a statement against society norms, but did you have to throw your hair brush away? The hair is really throwing me off on this one. Then again, there really isn’t a lot right about this look.

Elsa: The scarf does have a lovely pattern.

Izzy: Way to look for the silver lining, Elsa! Monochromatic dressing worked with Lily, but in this outfit, Francis looks like a hot mess! Though the colors vary slightly, there is no contrast, and yet, no unity.

Elsa: The hair isn’t helping either. That is perhaps what is throwing off the whole look. Styling is so very important to overall appearance.

Izzy: Unfortunately, the outfit is rather ill-fitting too. The fit of an outfit is also a vital element to the overall look.

Elsa: Don’t feel down, Francis! We love your instagram account. Your steampunk look was spot on!! Besides, you look like you have more important things in your life than worrying about fashion.

Izzy: Say what? More important than fashion?

Elsa: More important to Francis, Izzy. Not more important in general.

Izzy: Watch your mouth, Elsa!

Elsa: Oh, Izzy. Well, that wraps-up this edition of the Pawshion Police.

Izzy: I’m so excited for next week!

Elsa: Me too! But let’s keep it a secret!

Izzy: Yes! No hints!! I hope you all join us!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!

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