Pawshion Police: Military-Inspiration Edition

Izzy: Welcome to another fantastic and very special edition of the Pawshion Police. I’m Izzy

Elsa: Hello, everyone! I’m Elsa. Did you stay up to watch the royal wedding?

Izzy: What do you mean girl!? I was AT the royal wedding.

Elsa: You were?

Izzy: In spirit mostly. Anyway, I thought Harry looked amazing on his wedding day. And, I suppose, Meagan looked okay, too.

Elsa: She was stunning! Her simplistic dress with the boat neck was gorgeous. And yes, Harry looked dapper in his frock coat uniform of the Blues and Royals!

Izzy: Something so intriguing about a man in a military uniform.

Elsa: Well, you must be happy that military style clothing has once again invaded the runway! As you know, military inspired fashion is all the rage this season.

Izzy: And with Memorial Day coming up on Monday, there is no better time to discuss military inspired looks. By the way, what are your plans for Memorial Day, Elsa?

Elsa: Memorial Day is a day to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the United States military, so that is exactly what I’ll be doing.

Izzy: That sounds perfect. I admire your respect for our military, but no bar-b-que? No cute Capri shorts or crispy white t-shirts or flowered sundresses?

Elsa: No barbecues for me, but I do plan to look fabulous!

Izzy: As always! I too will honor our military in my own, fashionista way. I plan to celebrate in a military ensemble that will fire off a few canons!

Elsa: As we discussed, military couture and military inspired fashions are all the trend this spring. We see the comeback of military style in everything from runway gowns to street fashion. Military inspired jackets can be casual or even more formal when styled correctly.

Izzy: We are also seeing slouchy khaki green pants and oversized sweatshirts. We are even seeing military inspired dresses!! The military trend is so hot, and it isn’t just confined to America’s patriotism. Nina Ricci’s 2018 collection was inspired by the French Foreign Legion.

Elsa: In the 1960s, when rebellious teens were wearing cargo pants and army jackets as part of their political protests, designer Yves Saint Laurent debuted his famous pea coat, igniting a trend for exquisite military-inspired clothing and coats soon followed by a host of other prominent designers including Dries Van Noten, Balmain and Givenchy. Check out this modern military look.


Izzy: What a great example of being inspired by the military without wearing a uniform.

Elsa: The heart of this outfit is the Bathing-Pup Reflective Camo Raincoat from Icon Dogwear, a company specializing in streetwear for dogs. This piece is pretty amazing.

Izzy: The brown hues look great against Tiger’s complexion, but I love the reflective quality of the fabric the most. Even though it has a camouflage pattern and a rain resistant fabric, it looks chic!

Elsa: It does look chic, but when paired with the blue denim vest, it becomes so urban. Though you can’t see it clearly in this photo, the vest features white stripes on the back, along with the word, “Pawkier.”

Izzy: I also like that he chose to keep the leash on for the photo. It is thick and masculine, which is more of a fashion statement than a utilitarian piece since he could have gotten away with no leash or a thinner version.

Elsa: Here is another military inspired fashion.

Izzy: Here is another fellow who chose to leave his collar and leash on for fashion reasons. They have become part of the look, rather than distract from it. This is the Classic Denim Collar and Leash from @shop_ariandm.

Elsa: Maxwell looks great with the olive green jacket from @target. Of course, the color is automatically associated with the military, as it is commonly referred to as “army green,” but there are other military elements to this piece. I’ve seen this jacket and it features patches on the arm which is in-keeping with the military theme. There is also a piece symbol on the back which, I believe to be more of a fashion statement than a political one.
Izzy: The mock turtleneck sweater under the jacket is very nice, too. It’s from @shopdogtreads and is thick and cozy and offered in a beautiful neutral color that doesn’t clash or distract from the military inspiration.

Elsa: Here’s another example of being inspired by military wear without actually wearing a uniform.

Izzy: This is such a fun look. The statement piece, is of course, the bow tie! This tie is everything. It comes from a company called @palmbeachpupcycled. They up-cycle authentic Louis Vuitton pre-loved handbags into these AMAZING bow ties and other accessories.

Elsa: I’m so infatuated by this bow tie on Snoop. I hear they also offer Gucci gear. The shirt is obviously a great canvas for this statement piece. It’s another fun offering from @shopdogthreads. It’s the Camo Kid Button-Up shirt and its made of thick cotton fabric. He looks so masculine and tough, but yet, so elegant.

Izzy: This picture is a good example of how an accessory can really make the outfit. We mentioned this in last week’s Royal Wedding edition. Just as military inspired clothing has been in-style for a generation or more, accessories inspired by the military have also been popular. For instance, Aviator became a well-known style of sunglasses when General Douglas MacArthur was seen wearing them during World War II.

Elsa: Though the tie isn’t exactly inspired by the military, it certainly looks great with the camouflage.

Izzy: Snoop looks like he is ready for battle, or at least the military ball!
Elsa: In all seriousness, dogs have been used in military service since ancient times. Today, they are used in a lot of different capacities including explosive detection. And we are thankful for their service. Take a look at these captivating images

What a touching photo of this soldier and his faithful dog. A dog’s companionship on the battlefield is worth a lot too.

Elsa: I love this image of two warriors honoring the dogs from the Battle of Guam. During World War II, twenty-five Dobermans were killed in the Battle of Guam and this statue commemorating the fallen dogs is located on the Pacific island where they lost their lives in service.

Izzy: This picture shows the loyalty and camaraderie between soldiers, both two and four legged.

Izzy: This image of Corporal Sunsette Winsler and her combat tracking dog, Bella, is so powerful. Bella is trained to act in the event that a weapon cache or an IED is found. She is trained to trace the person or persons who put the weapons in the ground. Thank you for your service, Corporal Winsler and Bella.

Elsa: Yes, thank you and thank you to all our service men and women, both human and canine. I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day and will honor all our fallen heroes. Thank you for joining us today.


Izzy and Elsa: Happy Memorial Day and stay fabulous Fashionistas.


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