Pawshion Police: Married, Not Dead Edition

Pawshion Police Izzy and Elsa


Izzy: Greetings all you Bambi’s and Thumpers!

Elsa: Been binge watching Disney films?

Izzy: No, not those kinds of Bambi’s and Thumpers.

Elsa: You’re a married woman.

Izzy: Married. Not dead.

Elsa: You really like to live on the edge, don’t you?

Izzy: That’s part of my charm!

Elsa: If you say so….

Izzy: I detect that it is time for our first look.



Elsa: Adorable!

Izzy: You are ignoring my joke.

Elsa: Joke? Was there a joke there?

Izzy: Just look at the rabbit. Sherlock Holmes… detect.. as in detective….

Elsa: I do spy an adorable bunny in a very chic outfit, but I didn’t find any joke there. Our friend PuiPui looks so sophisticated in this photo.

Izzy: He does look very chic, doesn’t he?  And maybe a bit British.

Elsa: The pattern of the fabric in the hat and cloak add a lot of visual interest. He’s so lucky to have such an intriguing outfit.

Izzy: Well, he has four rabbit’s feet, he should be pretty lucky….

Elsa: Patterns can give visual texture to an outfit.

Izzy: Ignoring that joke too?

Elsa: Only the ones that aren’t funny.

Izzy: You’re so harsh! Somebunny needs a drink.

Elsa: STOP!

Izzy: Is this a hare-raising experience for you?

Elsa: Ignoring…. This vest, shirt and tie combo would have been lovely on their own, but the addition of the unique cloak and hat really make this outfit special and memorable.

Izzy: Speaking of unique.. do you know how you sneak up on a bunny?

Elsa: I have no idea.

Izzy: You unique up on him.

Elsa: Any comments on the fashions since this IS a fashion show?

Izzy: Oh, ya, I like the outfit.

Elsa: Maybe you’ll “like” this one too…



Izzy: Oh, me likey!!

Elsa: The clothes, you mean…

Izzy: Yes, that too.

Elsa: Married.

Izzy: Not dead.

Elsa: He does look pretty smashing. I love the pattern of the tie as it is used here… in contrast with the pattern in the vest. More visual texture!

Izzy: The basic shirt is the perfect background for the rest of the outfit. Had he paired the vest with a patterned shirt, it would have gotten too busy. The shirt and vest are from @thepethway

Elsa: The bow tie is from @knoxdogwear

Izzy: I do love the wild animal print… it’s so wild and reckless and sexy and I just…

Elsa: You may be married and not dead, but I think both of those status’ will change if you keep it up.

Izzy: Let’s move along then, shall we?  Okkurrrr!



Elsa: Oh, Honey, you look first class.

Izzy: She looks like a fabulously fashionable Woody Allen.

Elsa: How do you get Woody Allen out from this outfit?

Izzy: The hat. The glasses.

Elsa: I love the color of this faux fur vest and hat. It looks so beautiful against her natural fur. She looks like a golden pot of honey.

Izzy: And the accessories are spot on.

Elsa: There are a lot of accessories in this outfit. Normally if an outfit included sunglasses, a hat, a purse, shoes and a necklace, it would be too much.

Izzy: But because the colors are all neutrals and in the same family, it works!!

Elsa: Had the accessories been in contrasting colors, it would have made it busy and overdone.

Izzy: Speaking of contrasting colors….



Elsa: Oh. My. Goodness.

Izzy: I told you.

Elsa: So, here is an example of how wearing glasses, a hat and hair accessories in contrasting colors…. and how that DOESN’T work.

Izzy: Oh come now, I was going to get this outfit for you for your birthday.

Elsa: Are those tigers on the sleeve?

Izzy: To be fair… the hair clips do match the colors in the shirt and vest.

Elsa: And in the glasses, I suppose.

Izzy: The boots are clean.

Elsa: Now who is looking for the silver lining?

Izzy: Oh no! I’m turning into you.

Elsa: I’m glad to see that you are striving to improve yourself.

Izzy: Hey!!

Elsa: Let’s just say good-bye, shall we?

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!

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