Pawshion Police: London, Milan, and Paris…Oh My

Izzy: Greetings all you Harry and Meghan’s!

Elsa: I hope this greeting is in regards to London’s Fashion Week and the royal couple and not that you are calling all of our viewers “hairy.”

Izzy: Well, this is a dog blog. You have to KNOW that our viewers are ALL hairy. But yes, this is in regards to the most artsy and eclectic fashion week of all … London Fashion Week.

Elsa: What is your favorite Fashion Week? I think mine is the demure and elegant Paris Fashion Week.

Izzy: I’m demure and elegant.

Elsa: Yes…. you… are.

Izzy: But I think my favorite is the artsy and eclectic London Fashion Week.

Elsa: For viewers who may not know about the BIG Fashion Weeks in the world, there are four of them, all with slightly different styles. New York Fashion Week, which we discussed last time, is more modern and and has an urban vibe.

Izzy: I’m modern. I’m urban.

Elsa: And as we said, London is more artsy and eclectic, while Paris is more demure and elegant.

Izzy: I’m artsy, eclectic, demure and elegant.

Elsa: All of those things?

Izzy: Yes.

Elsa: Well, then….Milan is the most lavish and colorful Fashion Week of all. And let me guess, you are also lavish and colorful?

Izzy: Thank you for noticing. You know who else is lavish and colorful….


Elsa: Ohhhhhh…… I’m so excited! I love Lemmy!

Izzy: Well, who do you think wore this best?

Elsa: I’m a Lemmy fan! I love the beautiful @gigihadid too, though.

Izzy: That’s a tough one, for sure. I love how Lemmy is sporting a bit of a “tude” with that sassy tongue but the jacket is a little too big.

Elsa: I love both of their sunglasses. They have similar complexions and the dark lenses and gold frames look great on both of them. I do love the graphics on Gigi’s shirt and patches on her jacket. And I love the side-eye and tongue-out expression on Lemmy!

Izzy: Let’s call this one a tie, because I just can’t decide.

Elsa: They are both artsy and eclectic and ready for London Fashion Week.

Izzy: Someone else is ready too. Check out this awesomeness!


Elsa: Wow! Speaking of “tude,” Rita exudes fabulous Ritatude!

Izzy: This is the definition of artistic and creative… London Fashion Week ready!

Elsa: She definitely looks ready for a walk on the catwalk. Or would that be dog walk?

Izzy: I love the vibrant colors in Rita’s outfit. She looks so on-point in this amazing dress.

Elsa: This runway masterpiece is a creation from @anthonyrubio01.

Izzy: Hmmmmm…. I’m actually really bothered by this.

Elsa: This beautiful gown?!

Izzy: No! The fact that Anthony has not contacted me about walking in a fashion show for him.

Elsa: Ohhhh… I’m sure if he knew your level of fabulosity and importance he would have reached out to you.

Izzy: I will have to think about it very hard if he contacts me now.

Elsa: I understand but about this work of art, the embroidery on this dress is flawless and I love the vibrant cobalt blue for the base fabric.

Izzy: I will admit the craftsmanship and fit is impeccable.

Elsa: It is most definitely a showstopper.

Izzy: I mean, why wouldn’t he want me in one of his shows? I’m fabulous and hip and have my finger on the pulse of many different cultures and fashions globally. Is it possible Anthony has not heard of me?!!

Elsa: I dare say that it is possible although highly unlikely. I feel certain if he has not heard of you, he will after this commentary.

Izzy: I may need to contact Anna Wintour or Snoop Dog to right this wrong.

Elsa: You know Snoop Dog?

Izzy: Don’t we all?!!

Elsa: Then you’ll love Olive with her amazing Snoop Dogg face.


Izzy: Oh I love this unique look!

Elsa: Isn’t it great? I love the somewhat unexpected color palette. That little sneaky pop of purple makes this extra special.

Izzy: And the animal print is SPOT ON, so to speak. It’s like a cheetah hooked up with a zebra and had a dope baby!

Elsa: That’s an interesting way to describe it.

Izzy: I have a way with words.

Elsa: This blingy necklace from @frenchbullevard! It’s chunky, in a street-style way, but it’s also super chic with the smaller links and interwoven black leather.

Izzy: This teal is eye catching against the white and black and the little bit of purple is special too, I would agree. But what I find really special about this look is the mix of pattern.

Elsa: This unique top is made by @catneydogney which is known for their brilliant use of mixing patterns.

Izzy: All this talk about mixing patterns is making me thirsty!

Elsa: I think your hormones are out of whack.

Izzy: What are you talking about? I’m talking about mixed cocktails! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Elsa: Oh!! Well that was a first! Let me refocus our attention to the enchanting Kipper!


Izzy: You always know how to get me. You know my resistance to handsome men is very, very low…

Elsa: So much right going on here, I don’t know where to start. The most obvious starting point is this amazing tie. It is not your traditional bow tie. It is so much more!!

Izzy: The fabric choice is unexpected. You don’t see a bulky fabric like this one being used in a small accessory very often, but this one works great.

Elsa: It’s not Colonel Sanders bow tie, that’s for sure. I love the thick fabric and plaid is really hot right now. This definitely gives off a hip Burberry vibe.

Izzy: Hot like fried chicken!

Elsa: Yes, I suppose that would work as a comparison.

Izzy: You are the one who brought-up Colonel Sanders!!

Elsa: I was just saying… oh, nevermind. This mix of vibrant colors, thick fabric against a traditional black and white stripe is so amazing. It’s definitely not an expected look, but it works. And the unique quality is what makes it really work.

Izzy: Yes, what you said! Plus this jacket is phat.

Elsa: Indeed. I think. I can’t tell when you’re being offensive anymore. I think you have finally broken me….

Izzy: Yes!!!! I knew if I just kept trying I would…

Elsa: Next, please…


Izzy: All these MEN! And all this hotness!

Elsa: Sebastian is definitely edgy and ready for Fashion Week with this look!

Izzy: I’d like to play Checkers on that board.

Elsa: Must you??? The bit of checkerboard on the sleeve is similar to the pattern Kipper used but it’s done in a completely different way. It’s so cooooool.

Izzy: Cool like ice cream!

Elsa: Technically, Izzy, ice cream isn’t cool. It’s cold. Frozen really….

Izzy: You make my head hurt!!!!

Elsa: Just trying to…

Izzy: I don’t care. He looks really awesome. Can I say that without being corrected or chastised?

Elsa: I’m sorry I offended you, Izzy.

Izzy: And you talk about me being offensive.

Elsa: Let’s move on… I love the unique black leather vest with the mandarin studded collar. And the use of fine gauge nude fabric for this long sleeve shirt with printed tattoos is brilliant!

Izzy: As we have said before, the use of stylish sunglasses can really help pull off a bold, edgy look like this and it can be amazeballs!

Elsa: Sebastian has a coolness factor and “tude” that also nails this look. Love it!

Izzy: I love the artsy, edgy, experimental looks of London Fashion Week. Time for us to go and mix some patterns and cocktails!

Elsa: Thank you all for joining us again for the Pawshion Police! The best pet fashion show in the world.

Izzy: And I hope you all enjoyed this show as much as our phat butts did makin it.

Elsa: Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us… sorry to those we have offended. And by “we” I mean “Izzy.”

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!


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