Pawshion Police: Keeping It Classy Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you William Hanson’s and Emily Posts. It is most delightful to have your presence here today on this most fabulous occasion.

Elsa: Umm.. yes, welcome to the Pawshion Police. Are you feeling okay?

Izzy: I am joyous to has’t ev’ryone here this present day and I’m trying to keepeth it classy.

Elsa: Are you keepething it classy or are you keepething it Shakespearean?

Izzy: Shakespeare is super classy!!!

Elsa: Yes. Yes, he was. But why are you talking like that?

Izzy: As thee knoweth, our showeth this present day is all about keeping it classy.

Elsa: I guess this is better than your cussing.

Izzy: I only cuss in classy talketh presently, you bitcheth!

Elsa: There’s the Izzy I know and love most of the time.

Izzy: Most of the time, huh? Well, I am going to be so classy you won’t know what hitteth you!

Elsa: Well, I’m looking forward to it. And I’m looking forward to our first look. And something tells me you are looking forward to something too!


Izzy: Ohhh, dang girl, why’d you have to bring out this photo and distracteth me!

Elsa: Is there something you’d like to share with our viewers?

Izzy: So, as most of you know, I am going to be appearing at a meet-and-greet at Petcon 2018 in New York on Saturday, November 17th.

Elsa: Shameless plug.

Izzy: Yes.

Elsa: Continue.

Izzy: Well, what most of you don’t know, is that I have been having a little internet flirty fest with this most handsome man and … wait for it….

Elsa: We have been…

Izzy: We are going on our first date at Petcon!

Elsa: Oh, how exciting. He is delightfully debonair! I do hope to hear all the details of your internet romance turn real life love.

Izzy: He’s pretty hotteth, that’s for sure!

Elsa: And oh, so classy.

Izzy: Of course, I wouldn’t go out with him if he weren’t classy.

Elsa: A crispy, clean, tailored and wrinkle free white shirt is the perfect go-to for men who want to look sophisticated.

Izzy: This white shirt cranks it up a notch with the interesting details on the sleeve cuffs.

Elsa: Which is, of course, echoed in the bow tie. I LOVE bow ties! I love suspenders too! And this is such a nice and neutral color that matches his trousers.

Izzy: All he needs to wear is that smile! la

Elsa: And I hope you have a great time on your date. Remember to bring your umbrella… New York can get rainy this time of year.

Izzy: Or I could simply dress like this hunka man:


Elsa: Are you hitting on another man while you are preparing for your date with @bluenjy?

Izzy: It’s what I do!

Elsa: Well, so much for keeping it classy. At least you can look classy with a look like this one.

Izzy: This yellow jacket is classic and classy.

Elsa: But not classic in a childish “yellow slicker” way.

Izzy: No Morton Salt Girl here. This jacket is mature and chic.

Elsa: Though yellow is a traditional rain jacket color, the subdued colors and sharp appointments and details elevate this to the height of rain gear couture.

Izzy: And the Lennon glasses in cobalt blue add a pop of color.

Elsa: And whimsy.

Izzy: I wouldn’t mind being stuck in a rain storm with this guy…

Elsa: Oh, my goodness, we should have set some ground rules on this whole “keeping it classy” theme.

Izzy: I bet you can’t find a classier broad in the all the lands!!

Elsa: I have another bet for you… I bet you can’t look at this next photo and not objectify the gentleman in it.


Izzy: I bet you are right!! I bet I can’t look at this photo and not objectify him… he’s gorgeous.

Elsa: This is a great example of mixing patterns. The large plaid pattern of the shirt and the pin point polka dot of the tie, though obviously not the same pattern, go so well together.

Izzy: It’s the unifying color, purple, that makes them both work. And oh, snap, he is werking it!

Elsa: Purple and yellow are complementary colors and look so good together!

Izzy: Apollo and I would look good together too.

Elsa: I think we have established that you are in-love with him. We’ve had three men featured on today’s show. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

Izzy: I wonder if he is going to Petcon…

Elsa: Hey, speaking of Petcon… let me offer this next look for you as a possible wardrobe choice for your meet-and-greet at Petcon.


Izzy: Not even funny, you twit!

Elsa: Ha! Ha! Ha! You don’t think this would be a good look for you?

Izzy: Um…. no. That hair? That necklace?

Elsa: You did say that you wanted a shiny red dress!?

Izzy: I said I wanted a red sequin dress….not a red satin tracksuit!

Elsa: Okay, I’m just teasing you. I know you wouldn’t wear this outfit. None of these pieces… and especially not together.

Izzy: Is she Kelly Clarkson? Is she a rapper? Is she a professional wrestler?

Elsa: Is she insane?

Izzy: I think so. Maybe. But she is pretty awesome… not in dressing, but in heart.

Elsa: She’s raising awareness about the importance of Canine Companions for Independence.

Izzy: For that I applaud her…. but for her fashion choices…. oh, girl

Elsa: We love you for your spirit, but we need to intervene before you hurt yourself with your fashion choices.

Izzy: Now that we know what I will NOT be wearing to Petcon, you will have to keep a lookout on my Instagram account to get a glimpse of what I WILL be wearing. I will be hawt as you can imagine.

Elsa: And you will post a picture of you on your date with Blue?

Izzy: Yes… and all the other dates I manage to snag there!!

Elsa: Can’t wait!

Izzy: I can not waiteth eith’r.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas.


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