Pawshion Police: “It’s in the Details” Edition

Izzy: Aloha, Fashionistas!



Eliza: Greetings! Welcome to another fun and colorful edition of your favorite canine fashion show, the Pawshion Police.


Izzy: Are you enjoying your summer, Elsa?

Elsa: Yes! I love the beautiful colors, light-weight fabrics and of course, the beach and sunbathing. I don’t like turning down that extra biscuit, but I do have to consider my beach body. It’s almost where I want it.

Izzy: My summer body is nowhere near where I want it.

Elsa: I think you look amazing, Izzy!

Izzy: Oh, I do too! I just meant that my summer body should be on the sandy beaches of Saint Bart’s!

Elsa: I knew you had the tropics on your mind when you opened with “Aloha.” Saint Bart’s is beautiful, but this is the start of hurricane season there, so I think I’ll stick pool side in lovely Waco.

Izzy: Depending on where you are summer weather can sure be unpredictable!

Elsa: Which brings us to our topic for this week’s show. We have some delicious summer fashion examples of how to look fashionable — rain or shine!

Izzy: Our first fashionista shows us that even if the summer skies are dreary, your fashion doesn’t have to be.


Elsa: Theodora Grace looks so pretty and is definitely ready if some of those summer showers hit.

Izzy: Yes, she is set if it starts raining cats and dogs!! See what I did there???

Elsa: I think your jokes are getting worse every week.

Izzy: Jealous much?

Elsa: She looks like a lovely cherry blossom tree against a delicate blue sky.

Izzy: There is so much going right about this outfit that I can’t choose a starting point.

Elsa: Then I’ll jump right in and discuss these boots. How Theodora managed to make rubber boots look sophisticated and chic I’ll never know, but she sure pulled it off.

Izzy: This is what Queen Elizabeth would look like if she ever wore rubber boots!

Elsa: She does look like a proper English lady! By the way, Queen Elizabeth has worn rubber boots out to her horse stables, but they were not nearly as beautiful as these.

Izzy: For me, the focal point of the outfit is this pretty pink hat. Made famous by Paddington Bear. Made sophisticated by Theodora Grace!

Elsa: I think it’s interesting how Theodora mimicked the circular trim of her hat in her pearl necklace. Brilliant choice!

Izzy: And of course, we can not forget to mention this skirt! I adore the color and the ethereal fluff! Please don’t jump in puddles in that skirt!! I want to borrow it!

Elsa: Don’t you mean that she shouldn’t jump in any “poodles” in that skirt????

Izzy: Stop! You’re better than this, Elsa! I can’t believe you complained about my rain joke and then, BAM! You go for the cheap poodle joke. Whatever, Elsa!

Elsa: At least I didn’t call it a “poodle skirt.” Get it? Poodle Skirt!

Izzy: So…. Anyway…. Moving along before you hurt yourself. Let’s go from summer rain to summer sun. @sparklesthediva is sparkling and shining in this delightful outfit.


Elsa: Oh Mylanta! Its an adorable little Iris Apfel!

Izzy: Yes! Aren’t those glasses the greatest!? I love the shape on her face and of course, I LOVE Tiffany Blue! I prefer it on small little boxes tied with white ribbons, but it does look good on glasses too!

Elsa: I like that the glasses allow us to see her beautiful eyes!

Izzy: You promised some delicious fashions and you were not kidding.
She looks like the most sophisticated bowl of rainbow sherbet I’ve ever seen.

Elsa: It is beautiful. It is a sure-bet! ahhh…. like that???

Izzy: Am I going to have to mute you?

Elsa: You know that was amusing, Izzy!

Izzy: Whatever! But I do like the stripes and colors. I also like that there is a pattern in some of the stripes. It gives the look a lot of interest.

Elsa: She looks cool and will stay cool in this amazing look.

Izzy: I think she looks hot, but won’t be a HOT DOG….. in this breezy outfit. That, my friends, is how you do a joke!!

Elsa: I honestly think that my jokes are every bit as good, or is it every bit as bad, as your attempts.

Izzy: This is high quality comedy here. By the way, have you noticed all our references to food today? Be sure to eat before the show next week, okay?

Elsa: It’s a date. And maybe we can invite our next little beauty. I hope you are ready for more sparkle. From Sparkles the Diva to a little sparkle in an adorable, tiny package, here is @sparklethetinychi.


Izzy: She certainly does shine as bright as the sun in this beautiful look.

Elsa: She’s such a tiny and delicate Miss. We have some great glasses in the show today. These pink, round glasses have an updated hippy vibe that are the perfect accessory for this beautiful outfit.

Izzy: Isn’t it great? It’s from @totoandroy. Its a Cloud Collar T-shirt in super soft cotton with flower embroidery and beautiful frill sleeves.

Elsa: The sleeves really elevate this outfit. The collar is special, the embroidery is special and those sleeves are even more special. It’s a unique outfit that is perfect to wear for our summer lunch on the patio.

Izzy: Is it bad that the daisy in the photo looks good enough to eat?

Elsa: Well, they are edible, but I think your sophisticated palette might not really appreciate the bitter taste.

Izzy: How do you know that daisies are bitter, Elsa?

Elsa: Oh, well, umm… You know, it gets boring in the backyard sometimes??

Izzy: Oh, girl, I have to introduce you to Adele’s in Nashville. Then you’ll know what good food tastes like.

Elsa: You’re the one who said that the daisy looked good! But yes, I would love to visit your favorite restaurant with you.

Izzy: Getting back to fashion… I am thrilled with this look that Sparkles is showing us this week and think she is a fine example for anyone looking for warm weather outfit inspiration.

Elsa: We’ve seen two amazing warm weather looks and Theodora Grace showed us how to rock the rain gear. Now, we are going to go from sparkles to sprinkles and show you how not to dress for summer rain.



Izzy: Oh, honey, no! I guess if you look at the positive side of this, wearing a shower cap outside would protect you from the rain.

Elsa: I’m so confused. I think she is wearing a baby bloomer diaper cover on her head. I wonder what baby is walking around pantless right now.

Izzy: Or maybe an old lady is walking around pantless. This really might be my grandmother’s underpants.

Elsa: Well, that’s disturbing.

Izzy: At least we won’t be hungry anymore. I’m pretty sure we both just lost our appetite.

Elsa: The bunny ears are also a bit confusing to me.

Izzy: Bunnies and bloomers and underpants, oh my!

Elsa: On the bright side, the fabric is fun and playful. And this designer, @barkandgo, does have some pretty amazing pieces, such as their floral collars. But this piece is a miss.

Izzy: The colors are not bright enough to be cheerful and not subtle enough to be chic, in my very educated, sophisticated, always right opinion.

Elsa: I like the colors. It’s the weird elastic at the top of the hood and the floppy ears that throw off the look for me.

Izzy: We can agree that we don’t like it, but disagree on the reason. Well some of the reasons, anyway.

Elsa: I think we can both agree that this was a fabulously fun show with some smashing hits and an unfortunate miss.

Izzy: So glad that everyone now knows how to dress for the warm weather and occasional summer sprinkles. These outfits will keep all you hot dogs cool.

Elsa: You know another way to keep your hot dog cool?

Izzy: I’m sure you’ll tell me.

Elsa: Just put a little chili on him!!!! HA!!!

Izzy: The whole show… food…. bad jokes… I’m done.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!


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