Pawshion Police: Investors Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you investors and devested!

Elsa: You’re never dull.

Izzy: Thank you! I’m confident that that is a compliment.

Elsa: Possibly.

Izzy: I’m clever! Have you seen our lovely guests this week?

Elsa: Yes. But investors?? They all could be investors, I suppose, but devested? They are all clothed Izzy.

Izzy: Clothed in….

Elsa: Clothes?

Izzy: Vests!! You moron!!

Elsa: Oh. Now, that is a stretch.

Izzy: It’s a pun. It’s a play on word. It’s clever. It’s…

Elsa: Stupid!!

Izzy: HEY!!!!!

Elsa: Not that you’re stupid… wink, wink.

Izzy: I know how that “wink, wink” business goes. It’s equivalent to “Bless your heart”

Elsa: So, should we stop insulting each other and check-out our first look?

Izzy: Okay, now we should stop insulting each other and check-out our first look.



Elsa: Always have to have the last word, don’t you?

Izzy: Word.

Elsa: Well, this fella is the last word on fashion, it looks like.

Izzy: I love this taupe colored vest. It looks amazing with his coloring.

Elsa: The taupe is a great color on him. The design is pretty awesome too, but if it were in the wrong color, say red, it could be very Santa-esque.

Izzy: Yes. In the wrong color this outfit would go from the chic look that it is to costume. And it’s a good thing since Christmas is over and nobody wants to be Santa’s Ho Ho Hoe.

Elsa: You just love throwing in dirty jokes. It doesn’t even have to make sense.

Izzy: You don’t make sense.

Elsa: Your comebacks are amazing today.

Izzy: I love the collar with this outfit too. I love this collar more than I love you, Elsa.

Elsa: You don’t either. You know you love me.

Izzy: I do. Most of the time. And I love this next look.



Izzy: The name says it all!  

Elsa: He looks equally studious and strong.

Izzy: I wouldn’t mess with him… that beautiful chunky chain really makes him look tough, doesn’t it?

Elsa: But there is something wise in his eyes… he looks like a hot college professor…

Izzy: And let me guess, you’re the naughty student?

Elsa: No! I was going to say that he looks like a hot college professor who is out relaxing on the weekend.

Izzy: He must be quite intelligent to put together this outfit.

Elsa: It would be a traVESTy if we didn’t comment on how expertly he assembled this ensemble.

Izzy: Why is it okay when you do it?

Elsa: Because mine are intelligently executed.

Izzy: Oh, sheesh. But I do love this quilted vest. The collar is so interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this before.



Elsa: Well, isn’t she just the perfect little thing.

Izzy: That pink fur vest is awesome.

Elsa: Don’t you love how all our guests have worn vests today but each of them have created very different looks. I love all this creativity.

Izzy: I love the contrast of the black and white stripes with the hot pink. A little inmate chic going on there..

Elsa: I don’t quite read… inmate… but I do love the contrast. And the repeating pattern of the stripes in the collar really brings this all together.

Izzy: It’s like a pink troll got into a tangle with an inmate.

Elsa: But a very chic troll and an elegant inmate.

Izzy: Very jailhouse fashionista.

Elsa: If anyone should be jailed for their fashion choices it’s these two…



Izzy: Oh Frick!!

Elsa: I couldn’t have said it better myself… well, I probably could have said it more elegantly, but still…

Izzy: I have a story for you… Indiana Jones went binge drinking one night in Ireland. He knocked-up a hot little leprechaun and this is their love child.

Elsa: I’m not feeling the love here. That pattern on the hat… the tie AND the vest…

Izzy: It’s too much for you?

Elsa: Oh, my goodness, yes.

Izzy: Too much for Saint Patrick’s Day? You know it’s coming up…

Elsa: Maybe if they were in a parade on St. Patrick’s Day??

Izzy: It would still be ugly.

Elsa: Sadly.

Izzy: Only one leprechaun was injured in the production of this outfit.

Elsa: The white shirt is quite nice. Wouldn’t that be lovely with a dark denim jean?

Izzy: Ummmmmm…. well, clearly the luck of the Irish has not been passed down to this generation.

Elsa: A bit of Guinness and this outfit might actually look great.

Izzy: It would take more than a “bit” of anything.

Elsa: Shall we?

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!



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