Pawshion Police: International Edition

Izzy: Bienvenue les fashionistas!

Elsa: Well, aren’t we just so intercontinental today? Je suis tellement excité par notre spectacle aujourd’hui

Izzy: French fries.

Elsa: Excuse me?

Izzy: French dressing. French dip.

Elsa: Are you speaking French?

Izzy: I am multilingual.

Elsa: Are you?

Izzy: Bratwurst. Taco Bell. Ikea. See? German, Spanish and Swedish. I’m working on adding other languages too.

Elsa: Bonne chance avec ça… I mean… Good luck with that.

Izzy: You’re doing pretty good with your French. You might even become as fluent as I am some day.

Elsa: I can only dream, Izzy.

Izzy: Speaking of France… Did your parents enjoy their trip to Paris?

Elsa: You mean the trip they went on without me?

Izzy: Bitter much?

Elsa: I do love Paris. All of France, really.

Izzy: Have you ever been?

Elsa: Well, not physically, but in my dreams I have been there many times. I do know how to use Google maps, you know.

Izzy: I love all things French too…

Elsa: Fries, dressing and dip, I know.

Izzy: And other things, which brings us to our first magnifique look…


Elsa: Well, aren’t they just precious.

Izzy: Kissing!

Elsa: Excuse me?

Izzy: French kissing!! ooh la la…. I told you that I love ALL things French.

Elsa: It does appear that might be what is going on. Or perhaps they are just sassing the camera?

Izzy: Ya — that’s it. Sheesh!! They are full on macking on each other.

Elsa: And they do look amazing while doing it.

Izzy: Another fine example of a bitchin’ over-sized bow!

Elsa: I thought we were going to get through this show without cuss words.

Izzy: Hell to the no.

Elsa: You’re incorrigible.

Izzy: Thank you! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted… That bow is great. It’s light and airy so it doesn’t look overpowering, even with the large size.

Elsa: I love this top. We’ve seen it a few times here on Pawshion Police but it looks stunning each time. It’s from @eyeofdog and it really is an eye catching piece.

Izzy: And pearls are the perfect addition.

Elsa: I do love the collar on Stache too. It’s such a wonderful match to her outfit. I love a man who wears pink and this is such a lovely shade against his complexion. The soft pink brings out the subtle pink tones of his coat. Fabulous!

Izzy: This matching look would be great for a wedding, special brunch or any other daytime party or event. It’s sophisticated, elegant and they are just oh la la enough …

Elsa: Ooh la la enough?

Izzy: Um…. I’m not saying its a bad thing, but are you seeing what I’m seeing? TONGUES! Anyway, we’ll leave these two alone as we move onto our next look.


Elsa: Yikes, that’s amazing!

Izzy: Stunning, right?

Elsa: I think she came right off the CATwalk …. huh??? Like what I did there???

Izzy: You went to joke school! Nicely done!!

Elsa: Thank you! Tiffany looks pretty amazing in this outfit.

Izzy: The necklace is what stands-out to me. The jewel tones against her pale skin is such a crazy cool contrast.

Elsa: I agree! It would be a CAT-astrophe not to mention this magnificent necklace.

Izzy: You should have stopped while you were ahead with the jokes.

Elsa: You’re no fun!

Izzy: This red fur jacket is fun though.

Elsa: It is a bold choice and it is really working for her.

Izzy: This could go really wrong if not accessorized right. I could see this going “pimp” real quick.

Elsa: It certainly hasn’t done that here. The tasteful matching hat elevates the whole look and of course, that necklace!!

Izzy: I love how her piercing eyes are really accentuated because of the shape and color of the necklace.

Elsa: It’s really quite beautiful which is an accomplishment with an outfit that is as bold and …

Izzy: Ballsy. This outfit is quite ballsy!

Elsa: I agree. Not with the term, but with the concept. Here’s another look I think we’ll agree on…



Elsa: I really doubt that was her goal…

Izzy: I’ve been talking about Breton stripes for weeks now! This is so crazy amazing. She forgot her eye patch though.

Elsa: I get more of a French vibe, really.

Izzy: Aarrgghh!

Elsa: Okay, Matey, let’s focus on this fabulous outfit. Just as in last week’s Breton stripes example, this little lovely also chose to use red as her pop of color. And it certainly does POP!

Izzy: You know, this is a very versatile top… if she wanted to, she could also role play as a jail inmate or even an Italian gondolier!!

Elsa: And those occasions come up all the time…

Izzy: For you too?

Elsa: I’m going to ignore you. The neckline on this top is made even more special and unique with these beautiful beads.

Izzy: I know!! A Mime… wait, I said that last week. I know…. she could be a referee!

Elsa: She’s not in costume, Izzy!

Izzy: I liked you better when you were ignoring me. I’m not saying she is in costume. I’m saying she COULD be in costume.

Elsa: Or she could just be wearing a beautiful shirt. Which, incidentally, is the case.

Izzy: You know, if the stripes were red, she could be playing “Where’s Waldo?”

Elsa: Or she could just be beautiful in this great outfit. By the way, don’t you just love her freckles?

Izzy: Oh, I do!! And her eyes are so hauntingly beautiful… haunting like a ghost pirate ship!!

Elsa: You want to see scary? I can show you scary. This look is more frightening than the Flying Dutchman!!


Izzy: ACK!!!!!

Elsa: Told you!

Izzy: Is she still floating around from last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or getting ready for the next one?

Elsa: Yes, I think she somehow got untethered and has been floating around the internet since last November.

Izzy: I love fur. We’ve had two great examples of fur today, but seriously?

Elsa: I think she has her holidays mixed-up. I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure she is dressed up as an Easter Day Peep.

Izzy: They really should make Chihuahua Peeps. I bet they would be big sellers.

Elsa: The color says spring. The fabric says winter.

Izzy: The shoes say leprechaun.

Elsa: Ya, I’m not sure why she chose to wear those shoes with this outfit. Practical reasons, perhaps? Certainly not to be fashionable.

Izzy: What’s with the flower on her ass?

Elsa: Maybe its a bow?

Izzy: I think that’s actually the harness belt that the tether was attached to…

Elsa: It’s a mystery. The more I look at this… I think this might be a tribute to ALL holidays. I do believe she is wearing a Christmas ribbon belt.

Izzy: Cheap solution for keeping your pants up?

Elsa: I don’t think she is wearing pants. I think this is a snow suit.

Izzy: I wish we had a video of her trying to walk in this. I bet that’d be funny.

Elsa: It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Izzy: Or dresses like a Peep.

Elsa: Or an oversized inflatable.

Izzy: The poor girl needs help and we should be the ones to do it. Every night I pray for the same things… Kayne West, Britney Spears…

Elsa: Why?

Izzy: Do you have to ask? Girl….

Elsa: I see your point.

Izzy: But I think Cindy may just have shot to the top of the list. You need some fashion intervention from on-high and you need it STAT!

Elsa: Fashion may not be her thing, but she is a pretty amazing philanthropist, ambassador…

Izzy: I hear she has even done some fashion modeling too.

Elsa: Clearly not today though.

Izzy: Maybe she is going to be Sulley from Monsters Inc for Halloween?

Elsa: Not everyone loves costumes as much as you do, Izzy.

Izzy: Nonsense talk!!

Elsa: I’ll let you go. I know you are anxious to dress like a pirate, aren’t you?

Izzy: Shiver me, timbers! You know me so well!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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