Pawshion Police: In-Love Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you Burgers and Fries!

Elsa: It’s always about the food with you, isn’t it?

Izzy: Sometimes it’s about the alcohol too though, to be fair.

Elsa: Do you have any other hobbies?

Izzy: Food, booze, fashion and men…. that just about covers it.

Elsa: Speaking of men…. I heard a rumor….

Izzy: You paparazzi, you.

Elsa: I’m a friend, so I have the inside scoop.

Izzy: I’m in-love. It’s true.

Elsa: I can see why …. He’s very handsome. You make a lovely couple.

Izzy: But can I be faithful?

Elsa: That is probably not the best attitude to go into marriage with….

Izzy: Oh, I will be faithful, more than likely.

Elsa: Well, bless your heart..

Izzy: I speak southern… that is not a compliment nor a blessing.

Elsa: Well, this little miss is a real blessing…



Izzy: Wowza… I want that jacket as much as I want fried chicken.

Elsa: Remember, friends don’t eat friends,.

Izzy: Okay, fried… chicken nuggets. I’ve been told there aren’t any real chickens in those things.

Elsa: I would like to give our model praise for her impeccable grooming. I love the hair style… I love the contrast of her dark complexion against the pale pink. I love the contrast of the white fur against her gorgeous black fur. I just love it!

Izzy: This pink pea coat is perfection. Or if she were a cat…. puuuuurfection.

Elsa: Your jokes are getting worse.

Izzy: Just because you don’t get my jokes doesn’t mean that they aren’t funny.

Elsa: Didn’t say that I didn’t get it….. Just that you aren’t funny.

Izzy: You’re funny….. looking.

Elsa: Seriously?

Izzy: Okay, so you are as gorgeous as always but I am hurt that you don’t like my jokes.

Elsa: Sometimes… you’re funny. But you are always colorful and we make a spectacular pair. Almost as good as this pink pea coat matched with the pink floral sailor style bow tie courtesy of @darlingdearco

Izzy: So, since I am getting married soon… you’re invited by the way… I am on the look-out for the perfect outfit for my beloved Fil.



Elsa: Goodness gracious this is amazing.

Izzy: I don’t want the groom to look better than me though… but this is pretty hot.

Elsa: The velvet top hat is perfect for a winter event, such a wedding.

Izzy: I love that the hat is that nice rich plum color while the band is a smooth cream. Nice contrast but both very rich in color and texture.

Elsa: Speaking of texture… the jacket offers visual texture. I love the colors and pattern. Don’t you just love that the modern man has so many options and aren’t stuck with plain ole black or grey?

Izzy: Rocky is pretty handsome in that bow tie….

Elsa: Having second thoughts about marriage, are we?

Izzy: Not at all. I love my Fil. But I can still window shop for bow ties.

Elsa: As long as you aren’t shopping for the man wearing the tie.



Izzy: Speaking of bow ties…

Elsa: YES! This is amazing. The window pain pattern is fabulous and of course, that bow tie.

Izzy: And I love seeing fellow Frenchies bringing the fashion. It’s what we do…

Elsa: Yellow is so on trend right now. And I love when it is paired with charcoal.

Izzy: I believe these are pajamas.

Elsa: I love multi-purpose clothing items. Way to think outside the box, Fio. You could not look any better if you had a tux and tails.

Izzy: Technically, Fio does have a tail.

Elsa: Oh, ha ha ha… Okay, so that was a pretty good joke, Izzy.

Izzy: You are finally seeing the light.

Elsa: Or maybe I’m just being kind… bless your heart.

Izzy: Uh-oh….no more blessing my heart.

Elsa: I think we both need to bless this little one’s heart.


Izzy: Bless her heart.

Elsa: I think she has beautiful hair.

Izzy: I see a tongue.

Elsa: Well, most dogs have tongues along with their tails.

Izzy: I was questioning whether or not she had taste… but clearly she has a tongue.

Elsa: I’m afraid that is the only taste she has.

Izzy: I would be seeking medical attention for that growth on her neck.

Elsa: Ya, what is that?

Izzy: It appears to be a pearl in nature.

Elsa: She had a tangle with a clam.

Izzy: I wonder who won that battle…

Elsa: There isn’t a clear winner in this situation.

Izzy: And we’ve completely ignored the dress.

Elsa: Well, I was trying to..

Izzy: It’s not on trend and too small….

Elsa: But she looks happy.

Izzy: So there’s that.

Elsa: Yep.

Izzy: Yep.

Elsa: Soooo….

Izzy: That was kind of a conversation killer, wasn’t it?

Elsa: Good thing we are done with the show. Not sure how we’d top that look anyway.

Izzy: I am certain that we can’t.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!!


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