Pawshion Police: Home for the Holidays Edition

Izzy: Welcome all you, Buddies and Elves!

Elsa: You’ve been binge watching @netflix again, haven’t you?

Izzy: Honey, I start watching Christmas movies in July.

Elsa: I love that you are so passionate about Christmas.

Izzy: I’m passionate about getting gifts, holiday cocktails and mistletoe. Don’t forget the mistletoe.

Elsa: And of course, spending time with extended family…

Izzy: Not passionate about that…

Elsa: You’re not?

Izzy: Well, I’m passionate about avoiding family gatherings… does that count?

Elsa: Not exactly. Some of us love family gatherings and traditions…. and this show is for us.

Izzy: Then I’m not needed here.

Elsa: We have cute boys and alcohol in today’s show.

Izzy: Maybe I’ll stay for a bit… for your sake.

Elsa: Of course. How generous of you… so, let’s take a look at some appropriate outfits for heading home for the holidays.


Izzy: No fair sticking your own photograph in here, Elsa.

Elsa: Don’t be silly, Izzy. You know this isn’t me. But I do agree that there is a very slight resemblance in the way we look and a big similarity in our fashion choices. This is an amazing long fur top. I would love to wear it!

Izzy: I love pairing pale neutrals with pastels. The combination creates a very luxe look and you would look fabulous in it!.

Elsa: If you pair pastels together without the balance of a neutral, it doesn’t always work.

Izzy: Right – It makes you look like a stupid Easter egg or a unicorn cake. Unicorn cakes are very tasty by the way.

Elsa: This combination is grounded by this beautiful neutral colored long hair fur coat!

Izzy: She must brush that coat.

Elsa: A little brushing of her fur… a little brushing of her coat….

Izzy: It’s very well kept and neat as a pin.

Elsa: Wear this type of outfit responsibly! A few tangles and this could go from chic to looking like the mop used to clean the cafeteria floor.

Izzy: The @brklz bling is spot on too. I love a little personalized bling. It makes outfits unique and elevates them to a whole new level of ohh la la.

Elsa: Quilted leather is one of my favorite types of handbags too. It’s so classic and so elegant.

Izzy: You know, I was just thinking, if Lily were to pull this top over her head, she could look like Cousin It.

Elsa: And that would be an example of the wrong way to wear it…

Izzy: Might come in handy at Halloween. This picture really does make me so thirsty. Don’t you love when the outfit matches the alcohol? You know, we all need alcohol to get through family holiday gatherings and think about how chic it is when you match your alcohol.

Elsa: You’re going to need a lot of outfit changes if you plan on matching ALL your outfits to ALL your alcohol this holiday.


Izzy: Can we just end the show here? I think my date’s here.

Elsa: You’re always in-love.

Izzy: I’m always in-love with fashion…

Elsa: ….Every man we feature…

Izzy: Not EVERY man… most, but not all… I also love parties and

Elsa: Yourself.

Izzy: I have a healthy sense of self.

Elsa: Healthy? I’m not sure if I’d call it healthy.

Izzy: I am healthy… in every sense of the word.

Elsa: Eating holiday foods by the truck load?

Izzy: Says the girl who is obsessed with Holiday Tea Cake…

Elsa: Ohh… it’s sooo gooood.

Izzy: I think we have veered off topic.

Elsa: Back to holiday fashions….

Izzy: Back to …… this hottie hot holiday toddy!!

Elsa: He is a handsome man. But I don’t think he is planning on taking you on a wild date. He’s drinking @pepsi which may be an indication that he is the designated driver.

Izzy: I love @pepsi! So I’ll drink it right along side this handsome dish.

Elsa: Again.. someone who is chic enough to match his outfit to his beverage.

Izzy: This outfit is perfect for a family gathering. Perfect for Christmas. Perfect for our date.

Elsa: I think Jura is also ready for a date or a family gathering in this outfit.


Izzy: That bitch is slaying it! I love how she plays with the colors, textures and breaking gender norms.

Elsa: Androgyny can be so elegant. She looks both feminine and masculine at the same time.

Izzy: I love that she repeated the color of her top in the touches of her bow tie. I love that she look cozy and ready for winter.

Elsa: I love the contrasts with gender and also the contrasts with seasons. Yes, she looks cozy and ready for winter, but she does it in spring colors. Brilliant!

Izzy: So what’s the opposite of brilliant?


Izzy: This. This is the opposite of brilliant.

Elsa: Look at those beautiful eyes!!!

Izzy: Yes. But do you see anything else?

Elsa: I see a sweet spirited cat who is trying to be festive.

Izzy: You see her sweet spirit? Is that like the ghost of Christmas ugly?

Elsa: She is trying to be festive.

Izzy: It looks like a .99 cent table cloth.

Elsa: Christmas spirit, Izzy. Good will to men.

Izzy: I don’t think Good Will would sell this dress.

Elsa: The top is such a lovely, rich, velvet. The gold appointments are very gold.

Izzy: Yes. That we will agree on. They are very gold.

Elsa: I would not have paired the top with that skirt.

Izzy: I would not have paired that skirt with anything but maybe a Turkey dinner.

Elsa: You have to agree she has amazing eyes.

Izzy: Yes. But they are obviously fashion blind.

Elsa: Way to spread Christmas cheer.

Izzy: You’re the one who talked me into sticking around for the show, so this really is your fault.

Elsa: In the spirit of Christmas, I will take your blames and insults with a smile and wish you and all of our viewers a very Merry Christmas.

Izzy: And a responsibly drunk New Year!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!


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