Pawshion Police: High-Design Edition

Izzy: Hello all you da Vinci’s & Mona Lisa’s!

Elsa: Cio a tutti benvenuti allo spettacolo

Izzy: You fancy, bitch!

Elsa: I’ve been brushing-up on my Italian for the most lavish and
colorful Fashion Week of all… MILAN!!!

Izzy: All the Italian I need is at Olive Garden! But I do admire your
multi-lingual-ness-es or something.

Elsa: I think Milan is such a fascinating fashion week. So many
International fashion brands were started in Milan.

Izzy: PRADA!! See?! I do speak Italian!

Elsa: You don’t fool me, I’ve heard you speak several different languages.

Izzy: But mostly the language of loooooovvvvveee….

Elsa: Speaking of the language of loooove…

Izzy: It’s loooooovvvvveee….

Elsa: Right, so speaking of that…


Izzy: Ohhhh yes!! It’s my dear friend, @littlelolasunshine!!!!

Elsa: And the amazing Italian fashion goddess, @anna_dello_russo. Who
do you think Wore it Best?

Izzy: LOLA!

Elsa: Because she’s your friend?

Izzy: No, because she rocks this heart shaped outfit!

Elsa: Lola does look amazing!! I love how Anna takes fashion risks!

Izzy: I love everything about this look!!

Elsa: Anna’s couture masterpiece is a work of heart art from the last
Hedi Slimane show at Saint Laurent. This iconic look is paired with a
stunning pair of black heels and a short silk dress with black lace to
pull the outfit together.

Izzy: I LOVE what Lola has paired with her outfit. I think that the
YSL scarf is perfect. The top is great of course. It has those
oversized shoulder pads, the interesting texture and color. But
alone, it reads costume or mascot to me. With the YSL scarf breaking
up the visual monotony it suddenly goes from costume to va va voom!

Elsa: Anna’s legs speak for themselves and she knows how to stylishly
show off her amazing assets.

Izzy: I love Anna, but I think she looks like she should be standing
on a street corner advertising a local blood drive.

Elsa: No! She looks amazing and unique and lavish and colorful and
fun… just like Milan Fashion Week.

Izzy: So my win goes to Lola and yours goes to…

Elsa: It’s a tie for me. As much as I adore Anna, I do have to admit
that Lola looks very sophisticated in an outfit that COULD go costume
very easily.

Izzy: And now I kind of want to donate blood. I really do HEART both of them.

Elsa: So clever!

Izzy: Another pair we’re both going to love…


Elsa: Theses two are so chic and lavish!

Izzy: The focal point is definitely the collars. I can only see
Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile hanging-out in Milan. I am pretty sure I
am a direct descendent of this powerful and beautiful queen!

Elsa: I am sure you think so… I mean I have no doubts. The heavy,
ornate jeweled necklines certainly mimic the Egyptian colors. I love
the rich, gold color and how it highlights the gold sequins in the
outfits. This is a case where the jewelry is the star of the show and
the clothing plays the supporting role.

Izzy: The only thing I don’t love is the lace at the sleeve. I would have left that off because it doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit
in my opinion. I do love the outfit as a whole and I LOVE the
necklaces. So stunning. So rich. So Cleopatra. So like me!

Elsa: I think the touch of lace is sweet and unexpected. I think it
adds a finishing and feminine touch. Like me!

Izzy: I’m glad that we have both found things we love about these
outfits. We’ve had two amazing pairs this week. Ready for a single?


Elsa: Gigi is pure perfection!

Izzy: This outfit is as bling blangy as our last looks. But in a different way.

Elsa: This fabulous top is @eyeofdog. They are a favorite fashion
brand of dog celebrities. It ever gets old! I love how Gigi has paired
it with even more bling with this amazing collar from @mattieandmargot
and tag from @wagtag_official. She knows how to style a winning look.

Izzy: Never too much sparkle! Never too much bling!

Elsa: Oh, there is such a thing as TOO much sparkle.

Izzy: Name one…

Elsa: Disco balls.

Izzy: I LOVE disco balls.

Elsa: Left-over sparkle from a child’s art project.

Izzy: I LOVE left over sparkle! Let me give YOU some examples…

Elsa: Okay

Izzy: Diamond rings. New Year’s Eve. Fairy Dust.

Elsa: All good examples of perfect amounts of sparkle. I think you’re
just trying to be argumentative today.

Izzy: I am not!

Elsa: Okay then. From one extreme to another. Here is an example of a
great outfit sans the sparkle.


Izzy: Diesel is badass!

Elsa: This Camo Baseball Tee and Camo Bandana by @zoosupply is
outstanding. I love how Zoo Supply has married two cultural favorites,
the baseball t-shirt style with the unexpected camo pattern. It’s very
hip and somewhat unexpected!

Izzy: Diesel has some crazy great hair. You know, I don’t say this
often, but he would really rock the man-bun.

Elsa: Let’s not encourage any man-bun’s, Izzy. But he does have an
outstanding head of hair. I like how he has pulled it all up into a
bandana. He looks casual, manly and ready for the weekend.

Izzy: Or Milan Fashion Week.

Elsa: For sure!

Izzy: Next week… are you ready for it… Ekkkkkk… It’s PARIS FASHION WEEK!!!

Elsa: I haven’t been able to sleep, I’m so excited. We will be
bringing some amazing looks to next week’s Pawshion Police.

Izzy: Until then…

Elsa: Grazie per esserti unito al nostro programma questa settimana!

Izzy: Yes, probably what she said! And also…

Izzy & Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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