Pawshion Police: Hello, Coachella

Welcome to the Coachella Special here on Pawshion Police. We are excited to look at some Coachella inspired fashions that are pawsomly perfect and some that have fallen pawsitively flat.

Izzy: What an exciting week! Welcome to the Pawshion Police.

Elsa: Hello everyone! So glad you could join us. You’re enjoying Coachella, Izzy?

Izzy: Oh girl, I’m covered in glitter and wearing my flower crown.  I did get a few strange looks at the dog park. People can be so small minded.

Elsa: They’re used to seeing you in your tiara!

Izzy: Maybe that’s it. I turned in my tiara for a floral crown! I am having such a great time with three stages, two fun-filled weekends, 120 fantastic bands and unfortunately, only one porta potty.

Elsa: I suppose they think dogs won’t use porta potties.

Izzy: I would rather use the bathroom at the Beverly Wilshire, but under the circumstances, the porta potty is the best option. But the music is great and the fashions are A-MAZ-ING.

Elsa: Did you see Beyonce???  Oh my goodness, girl, she rocked the stage with her music and impeccable fashion!

Izzy: I’d like to know her post-pregnancy workout.

Elsa: She always looks fabulous. It is no wonder why she is a fashion icon for this generation.

Izzy: I believe our friend, @dailydanger has the potential to be a canine fashion icon, too. Who wore it better?

Elsa: Obviously, there are a lot of similarities. I adore that Beyonce chose to wear the hat down over her eyes. It creates mystery and intrigue. Her braids look quite neat and her necklaces are very symmetrical. I love how long her neck looks and her powerful lipstick choice.

Izzy: Danger looks a bit dangerous in this outfit. I love that he decided to wear this look without earrings. Of course, this was probably a practical choice, but it also makes fashion sense. I think the addition of earrings would have made the ensemble too cluttered. I think we have a tie this week!

Elsa: Yes, both of them are exquisite!!

Izzy: I’m looking forward to hearing Beyonce’s next performance tomorrow at Coachella!

Elsa: And I’m looking forward to seeing what new fashions Danger shows us in the future.

Izzy: Onto some Coachella inspired fashions.

Elsa: @itsdougthepug looks amazing! And I’m thrilled to have a such a celebrity on our show!

Izzy: Me too! I’m a big fan, Doug! The thing about Coachella inspired fashions is that they tend to break through stereotypes and cultural norms. Here Doug is breaking free of stereotypes and wearing a beautiful floral crown and no one is batting an eye or wagging a tongue (or tail). This is Coachella fashion.

Elsa: It was a smart choice to limit the flower crown to one pop of color and one neutral color! Too many colors would have ruined his perfectly put together look! I also love how he toned down the bold colors of his tie-dye shirt with the brown fringed vest.

Izzy: The shoes are also a fun surprise. And of course, the glasses are perfect. The color-tinted lenses subtlety echo the colors in his top. And the shape is so retro-cool.

He has done a fantastic job of standing-out in a crowd, in a magnificent way. Great job, Doug!

Elsa: Yes, stellar use of integrating all the colors of the rainbow!  Here’s another example of utilizing a rainbow of colors.

Elsa: I’m usually a fan of @the_pugsters_ but I think their Coachella (or as they like to call it their “Pug-Chella) look is unfortunately not “right on.” There’s  a lot to look at here.

Izzy: It’s like David Crosby and  Frank the pug from the “Men In Black” had love children.

Elsa: <laughing> I know that Coachella is all about over-the-top fashion, but this is like a bad psychedelic dream!  It is over accessorized and MY EYES! This is when being color blind might be a blessing! I love Gizmo’s fringe, but there is no shape to his garment. And the scarf around his head is too heavy — both physically and visually. Not to mention his necklace is over-sized and off center.

Izzy: I agree. Gidget needs to learn to edit. The glasses, flowers and colorful skirt.. it’s too much. If she had lost the glasses and arranged the flowers into a crown, and perhaps neutralized the outfit with a basic top and necklace, it would have been so much more chic.

Elsa: Now, if you want to see fringe done right, take a look at @margobean.

Elsa: Margo looks so whimsical and ready for Coachella or just a weekend of relaxing.

Izzy: This is a good example of how to appropriately use fringe. Understated and tasteful. If you use fringe you have to be careful how you accessorize or your outfit will become too visually cluttered.

Elsa: And who doesn’t love a purple floral crown? This pretty piece is from @calicrownsboutique, who specialize in canine floral crowns! They’re the perfect accessory for festival wear.

Izzy: I hope the fashion fairy delivers one to me, because this one is gorgeous!

Elsa: I hope that you have a good time at this last weekend of Coachella!

Izzy: I am all glittered and ready! And just happy to be out of the Hampton’s weather. I swear I thought for awhile that we’d have to clear the road of snow for the Fourth of July parade!  

Elsa: I bet you are so tired of all the snow!

Izzy: I am so happy for spring! I have been seeing WHITE for months!!!

Elsa: You just gave away a hint about next week’s show!!!

Izzy: I LOVE that kind of white.

Elsa: We hope you return next week for more fashion hits and misses.

Izzy & Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!

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