Pawshion Police: Friends Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you Joeys…

Elsa: You’ve been to Australia?

Izzy: Chandlers.. Rachels….

Elsa: Monicas? Phoebes?

Izzy: And don’t forget Ross!

Elsa: Friends!

Izzy: Right! Greetings Friends!

Elsa: You’re liking your Netflix subscription, aren’t you?

Izzy: I’m an old married lady now, so I have to get into the housewife mindset. Netflix and chill.

Elsa: I don’t think an old married housewife would get day drunk.

Izzy: What kind of house did you grow-up in??? Sheesh!

Elsa: I’m just saying that you aren’t your average Donna Reed.

Izzy: Have you ever seen Donna Reed drunk???

Elsa: No.

Izzy: So then you have no basis for your argument.

Elsa: I can’t fault you too much. This winter weather has me Netflix-ing and chilling too.

Izzy: A warm bath. A warm fire. A warm blanket…   a warm… man!!

Elsa: All good ways to stay warm. But if you have to go out into the winter weather, it’s always wise to dress in layers.

Izzy: And do it right, people. Don’t look like the Michelin Man walking out of the house.

Elsa: Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to layer your clothing.

Elsa: Here’s an example of a great way to layer your look.



Izzy:  Yes! No argument here.

Elsa: That’s a first.

Izzy: That we agree?

Elsa: No, that you you have no argument.

Izzy: Oh. Ha. Frickin’ Ha!

Elsa: Of course I love this look with the pastel color palette and the beautifully knit pieces. This is from @otelloonline, a label that we need to keep an eye on.

Izzy: Why? Is @otelloonline up to something torrid?

Elsa: No, I mean, that they are doing great things!

Izzy: Then why not say that?

Elsa: I liked you better when you had no arguments.

Izzy: You knew that wouldn’t last.

Elsa: I love the hat… the pom poms, the adorable slippers.

Izzy: Proving once again that casual doesn’t have to be mundane.

Elsa: And that winter layers don’t have to put bulk onto your shape. This sweater is hugging her body nicely.

Izzy: That makes her look sleek, not bulky.

Elsa: And the fact that the colors either match or compliment makes this look more like an intentional outfit rather than just a utilitarian ensemble. I like that her tongue is out too…

Izzy: Sassy little thing!

Elsa: So, shall we move onto our next look or are you going to argue with me about that too?



Izzy: Well doesn’t she look like quite the world traveler?

Elsa: This is the perfect travel outfit!

Izzy: Because it’s cute?

Elsa: Well, that too. I always have to look cute. But this outfit would work in a variety of different temperatures. For instance, this would be  perfect if she were to hop on a plane in a cooler climate.

Izzy: And she could take off the beret, jacket and scarf while on the plane.

Elsa: And then dress in the appropriate layers for the climate when she disembarks.

Izzy: Woof!

Elsa: What?

Izzy: You said, “disem – BARK.”

Elsa: I will try to choose my words more carefully next time. But don’t you think this is a great way to dress for warm or for changing weather?

Izzy: Yes, plus it’s cute.

Elsa: Most importantly, it’s cute.



Izzy: This is also a cute look, but with a little badass thrown-in.

Elsa: This is pretty bad patootie.

Izzy: Bad patootie?

Elsa: Yes, with the leather vest that is embellished with snaps and zippers…

Izzy: Bad patootie?

Elsa: Drop it, Izzy.

Izzy: Well, the sweater is pretty badassical too, or should I say badpatootical?

Elsa: You’re not going to let this one go, are you?

Izzy: Umm… eventually.

Elsa: Don’t you just love how the scarf is tied around the turtleneck of the sweater?

Izzy: Yes! Plus this outfit is great for cooler temperatures.

Elsa: Practical and beautiful.

Izzy: Oh, practical.. I can show you practical.



Elsa: Practical. Yes. That’s possibly a compliment.

Izzy: I’m guessing a power outage??  You know, for warmth?

Elsa: Well, she is layered.

Izzy: Yes. That’s one thing we can say about this look.

Elsa: The shirt has potential. You know, if it wasn’t covered-up.

Izzy: The only thing that ties the jacket and the shirt together is her hair.

Elsa: Maybe that’s why she decided to do her hair like that? She needed a unifying element.

Izzy: Hair should not be the only thing that matches in your outfit!!!

Elsa: I can’t stand that she didn’t brush her hair!! I just want to grab her and comb her out!!

Izzy: If you are going through the effort of grabbing her, why stop at the hair???  Strip her down and start over. The shirt and jacket don’t match in color or style.

Elsa: This actually makes me sad because I love this Instagram account. These two sisters are beautiful inside and out and they usually make good fashion choices.

Izzy: And this is an example of a good fashion choice?

Elsa: I did say “usually” didn’t I?

Izzy: I say ditch the winter layers, brush the hair and head to a warmer climate with your mermaid hair!!

Elsa: I agree! It’s time to seek warmer climates.Ready to hop a plane for the tropics?

Izzy: Is there Wi-Fi there? Because I’m right in the middle of a Friends binge?

Elsa: Wi-Fi, sunshine and plenty of wine.

Izzy: I guess that’s our cue to end the show?!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!


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