Pawshion Police: First Date Edition


Izzy: Hello all you Romeo’s and Juliet’s!

Elsa: Greetings, all you, Cleopatras and Marc Antony’s

Izzy: Ummm… that’s my line, sister.

Elsa: You can’t be mad at me! This is a show all about love.

Izzy: It’s not Valentine’s Day. This is a show about HOOKING UP!

Elsa: This ACTUALLY is a show about first dates, not “hooking-up” as you so crudely call it.

Izzy: First date. Hooking-up. It’s all the same. It’s all good.

Elsa: That might be YOUR idea of a first date, but it certainly isn’t everyone’s experience. Most people are nervous, excited, and maybe a little bit shy on a first date.

Izzy: Oh, don’t be silly. First dates are fun! Well, most of them are fun. The last one I went on wasn’t so great. It started off good. I looked amazing…

Elsa: Of course.

Izzy: And we went to a fabulous restaurant.

Elsa: Naturally.

Izzy: It was going quite well until the bill came.

Elsa: Did he make you pay?

Izzy: No. But he did say that I ate more than he had estimated and asked if I could cover the tip.

Elsa: IZZY! That’s terrible! But I don’t think it beats my worst first date story. It was a blind date, actually.

Izzy: Was he REALLY blind?

Elsa: No, Izzy, really?

Izzy: Just clarifying.

Elsa: I was running a little late getting home to prepare for my date and I got a speeding ticket.

Izzy: That does suck! So you were late for your date AND upset.

Elsa: Well, I finally got home and threw together something fantastic to wear just in time. The doorbell rang and it was my blind date.

Izzy: At least you weren’t late.

Elsa: Guess who my date was?

Izzy: Ryan Gosling?

Elsa: Yes, Izzy. I have dated Ryan Gosling and just forgot to tell you about it.

Izzy: Well, with all this build-up I figured it had to be good!

Elsa: It wasn’t Ryan Gosling. But, it was the police officer who gave me the ticket.

Izzy: AWWWK-Ward!

Elsa: Indeed it was.

Izzy: But at least you looked fantastic!

Elsa: Yes, well, that was the silver lining, for sure. Choosing the right outfit for a first date can be stressful for some people.

Izzy: It doesn’t have to be stressful. Just follow my rules:
1. Wear something that shows off your assets.
2. The outfit has to fit the style of the date. And finally…
3. Make sure that the outfit slips off easily. Because.. you never know.

Elsa: Those are some interesting rules. I do agree that you should wear something appropriate for where your date is taking place. But the best piece of advice I can offer is to wear something that makes you feel confident.

Izzy: And make sure that it comes off easily. No complicated zippers or straps.

Elsa: You’re so impossible.

Izzy: It is called Street Smarts, Elsa.

Elsa: Here is a man who needs NO help with his threads for a first date.


Izzy: Hubba, hubba! He will be my next first date!!

Elsa: He is a fine specimen of a man, isn’t he?

Izzy: Dress casual is usually a safe bet if you aren’t exactly sure of your first date plans.

Elsa: Or if you are going to a casual dinner, movie or play.

Izzy: The shirt he chose is perfect and the tie is the candle on the cake!

Elsa: I love the plaid, which is really big this season. And I love the details on the shirt. It’s not often that you find piping on a man’s dress casual shirt.

Izzy: And the tie is great too. It’s a dress tie, which would typically be worn with a suit, but this proves that Trufo is a bit of a rebel and isn’t afraid to take risks.

Elsa: He’s rebellious in a most proper and elegant way. I need to mention the specs too. They make him look even more dignified and intelligent.

Izzy: For all you Romeo’s out there getting ready for a first date this weekend, take a clue from our man Tru here. Swap out the T-shirt for a button-up and throw on a tie or even a nice scarf.

Elsa: That ought to help you get a second date! Here’s another great first date look.


Izzy: Ohhh la la … Now I know who my next, next first date is…

Elsa: He does look stunning in this Unpatched Raw Denim Dog Jacket from @rock_dog_ltd. This piece is made from hard wearing vintage look denim and has a cotton lining so it is extra comfortable.

Izzy: This jacket is so cool. Not only does it look great as is, but you can personalize it with patches, pins or any number of embellishments.

Elsa: And just as in our previous example, we see this amazing combination of a crisp white shirt and a nice tie with casual denim.
He’s business on the inside… rebel on the outside.

Izzy: ALMOST the perfect man!! I like my men to be business in the wallet, party everywhere else.

Elsa: He could go just about anywhere in this dress casual outfit. What do you think his date will say about him in this outfit?

Izzy: I think she’ll say, “You look amazing with your clothes on. How do you look with them off?”

Elsa: I think that’s what YOU’D say… anyway, I think he looks amazing and so will his date!

Elsa: Those glasses are fabulous!

Izzy: Bella, you Slay Queen!!

Elsa: I wonder who she is going out with? Whoever it is, he is one lucky guy. I don’t even know where to start because there are so many amazing elements to this outfit… to the whole look.

Izzy: Her hair is on fleek! Let’s start there. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful hair naturally, but everyone can be well groomed. Thankfully for Bella, she is both blessed and well groomed.

Elsa: I want to get back to those glasses. Umm.. Breakfast at Tiffany’s!!!

Izzy: Those glasses are half Audrey Hepburn and half Prince!

Elsa: Yes! I can see the connection. I bet that is the only way that Prince and Audrey Hepburn are connected.

Izzy: NO! Prince was in Purple Rain with Joel Thingvall who was in Ice Castles with Robby Benson who was in Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn! BOOM!!!!! And they are both related to Kevin Bacon.

Elsa: They are?

Izzy: Maybe.

Elsa: Anyway, it is clear that this outfit was well planned out. The color of the beautiful jacket is echoed in the bow. The circular shape of the sequins is mimicked in the rhinestones of the glasses, the pearl necklace and tennis bracelet. The pattern of the bow resembles the pattern in the glasses! It’s so well planned.

Izzy: I love the purse at the center of the bow. Of course, she has a decision to make here. She has three designer bags… which should she choose?

Elsa: Pawda! It would mimic the purse in the bow. Devils may were Prada, but so do angels!

Izzy: First choice is Pawda. Second choice for me would be Chewnel.

Elsa: I love the color of the Chewnel! And I love the pink of the Michael Klaws! Not really a bad choice here!

Izzy: Bad choices do exist though. Don’t believe me? Check this out!!!


Elsa: What a beautiful dog. What a poor outfit choice.

Izzy: Do you think that is her natural hair color?

Elsa: Ha ha! Maybe she’s related to Rick from Rick and Morty?

Izzy: I’m thinking this is Rick Sanchez and Lela from Teen Beach Movie’s love child.

Elsa: Or Marge Simpson and Mr. T?

Izzy: Papa Smurf and Jessica Rabbit? Whatever the case, this poor child is not ready for a first date!

Elsa: Never experiment with a new hair style or color on a first date. Stick with something tried and true. First dates are not the ideal time to break-out your at home hair color kit.

Izzy: Or your craft fur!

Elsa: And leather? Not a good choice either. Unless it’s a simple jacket or handbag, leather should wait until a later date.Unless you’re going to a punk rock concert?

Izzy: Or a biker bar? Naw…. I think you’re right. This is most appropriate for a first date at a punk rock concert.

Elsa: I’m not sure it is even appropriate for that.

Elsa: I love leather, but it has to be done tastefully. And not in red. Not on a first date. And not in dress form. The lead singer of Loverboy is the only one that could pull off an all red leather ensemble.

Izzy: And certainly not all those things combined. Oh Mike Reno in red leather was so hot!

Elsa: I’m sorry, Sweetie, but this is just not first date ready.

Izzy: I think the only dates she’s going to get in this outfit are those gross little brown globs you buy at the grocery store. A treat they are not, I have to tell you.

Elsa: On the plus side, she does look patriotic. But yes, I bet she’s not good with dates.

Izzy: This is so bad, I bet she thinks Christmas is in June.

Elsa: For a first date show you aren’t showing a whole lot of love.

Izzy: I told you!! Love is for Valentine’s Day. This is a first date show. It’s about hooking-up!! Which makes me wonder… there’s a dedicated holiday for everything…. love, mothers, fathers… why not National Hook-up Day?

Elsa: I think you celebrate that more than once a year, Izzy.

Izzy: You make me sound like Heidi Fleiss.

Elsa: No. YOU make YOU sound like Heidi Fleiss!

Izzy: Not all of my dates end in a hook-up. Last week I had to ask the waiter to check the restroom. My date had been gone for two hours, plus someone stole his coat and his car! I was really quite concerned.

Elsa: Do you suppose he left without saying good-bye.

Izzy: No, Elsa. Remember when I called you to ask you that and you said that he was abducted by aliens or maybe he was in the witness protection program or something!

Elsa: Oh, yes, I do remember that now.

Izzy: Well, I have a date to get ready for tonight, so I have to go.

Elsa: I wish you a most fantastic first date!

Izzy: I’ll drunk call you later to let you know how it goes.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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