Pawshion Police: Fall Fashion Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you Pumpkin Spices and Crunchy Leaves.

Elsa: You’re into the fall spirit!

Izzy: It’s one of my top four favorite seasons of the year!

Elsa: I love the pumpkin spice flavor, tall boots, knit sweaters and rich colors.

Izzy: I love apple cider, pumpkin pie and soup!

Elsa: Everything you like about fall is food related?

Izzy: Everything I like about everything is food-related.

Elsa: There are so many other things to love! Great coats, layering, plaids and knits!

Izzy: Those things are nice too.

Elsa: I can’t wait to share all the fun fall looks we have on our show today.

Izzy: Sharing fall fashion is so much fun. Sharing fall fashion with snacks is even better!

Elsa: Stop with the snacks!



Izzy: That’s one beautiful Indiana Jones.

Elsa: Yes! The hat from @ragandbone is fabulous! I love the color and the shape. I even love the texture.

Izzy: I wonder what type of treasure she’s looking for?

Elsa: I think she’s already found it! This outfit is a treasure.

Izzy: You’re so cheesy sometimes. Cheese! Yes, that sounds good.

Elsa: And I suppose your jokes are sophisticated.

Izzy: And funny.

Elsa: At least you think so…

Izzy: I KNOW so!! And I also know that I want this outfit. I especially love the blouse underneath. The color and pattern are so beautiful and scream “Fall!”

Elsa: She paired it with a wonderful fall jacket too! Gigi is ready to walk through a path of fallen leaves or snuggle up with some hot cider and have a long and meaningful conversation.

Izzy: Or go treasure hunting!!!

Elsa: You’re going to have to dig deeper to find a funny joke.

Izzy: Not bad. You’re getting better.

Elsa: Thank you. Here’s another amazing fall outfit.



Izzy: Oh, well isn’t he trendy! With that denim vest and distressed arm holes. This is so on trend right now.

Elsa: So is navy blue. It’s a nice dark alternative to black and it is very hot right now.

Izzy: I love the sherpa lining on the the hood of the vest. It’s practical, of course, but more importantly… it’s fashionable!!

Elsa: Fashion is more important than comfort or practicality?

Izzy: Of course. Don’t you agree?

Elsa: Well, yes, I suppose I do.

Izzy: The scarf is really great too. I love the colors and the animal print.

Elsa: Funny when you say “animal print.” I usually think of cheetah or zebra. This is a literal animal print. Very sweet and adds some whimsy to the outfit.

Izzy: This is the perfect transitional outfit to go from the warm summer nights to the crispy fall weather.

Elsa: And here is the perfect transition to our next look.



Izzy: I think Bubu may be experiencing a little tryptophan hangover from Thanksgiving.

Elsa: Well, it certainly isn’t because she’s bored of her outfit. It’s amazing.

Izzy: This sweater from @petthreads is the perfect piece for fall. It’s warm and cozy without looking bulky. And the color is a beautiful hue that reminds me of fall pumpkins and yummy pumpkin pie.

Elsa: Always about the food.

Izzy: Of course.

Elsa: I love the geometric patterned scarf. It reminds me of Piet Mondrian’s “Composition with Grid VII.”

Izzy: Well, aren’t we snooty.

Elsa: Snooty? Because I love art?

Izzy: “I love the geometric patterned scarf. It reminds me of pastel colored candy corn…”

Elsa: Well, that’s good too. The scarf is from @juno.studios and is perfectly perfect.

Izzy: I’m getting sleepy. You getting sleepy?

Elsa: Scientists say that yawns are contagious!

Izzy: Here’s a little something to wake you up!



Elsa: YIKES! That would wake up the dead!

Izzy: The neon hair?

Elsa: It is rather bright. I’m not against tasteful hair extensions or even a high quality wig under specific circumstances… but this is…

Izzy: What the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Krusty the Clown would look like.

Elsa: Or Shirley Temple and a flamingo.

Izzy: I’m sorry, honey, but this whole outfit has to go. It’s not good for fall.

Elsa: Or winter, spring or summer.

Izzy: You have an adorable face but this outfit is … wait.. I figured out.. I know where she could wear this outfit…

Elsa: Where?

Izzy: Next fall!! On Halloween! She can be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Elsa: I don’t think you’re making friends with Reese Witherspoon.

Izzy: Actually, I AM friends with Reese Witherspoon and it was a joke!!!

Elsa: Well, it’s unfortunate that your jokes have gotten so bad that now you have to label them.

Izzy: I’ll label your head if you aren’t careful…

Elsa: Now, now, Izzy…

Izzy: I could blame it on hunger or maybe bad fashion.

Elsa: Friends don’t let friends wear outfits like this.

Izzy: And friends don’t let friends do shows without snacks. Don’t you remember your promise last week? You said you’d bring snacks.

Elsa: How about we just do lunch?

Izzy & Elsa: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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