Pawshion Police: Color Edition

Izzy: Welcome fashionistas to another exciting edition of the Pawshion Police. I’m Izzy.



Elsa: I’m Elsa and I’m so glad that you’re all here to join us for another exciting week.



Izzy: Exciting is one way to describe this week. Did you have a good Fourth of July?

Elsa: I had such a blast but July 4th is a little bit crazy!

Izzy: I hear ya, sister. Those firecrackers had me thinking that the end of the world was upon us!

Elsa: I just want to know whose brilliant idea it was to have a holiday where the main agenda is to drink as much as possible and then set off fireworks?

Izzy: I think July 4th should be the booziest holiday of the year.

Elsa: So, you want people to drink MORE and play with fireworks?

Izzy: St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo don’t need fireworks. Bring on the booze and lose the fireworks.

Elsa: Perhaps you should start a petition. I’m sure you wouldn’t get much of a fight over the addition of more alcohol, but I’m pretty sure Americans won’t give-up their fireworks!

Izzy: Maybe not, but it would be worth a try. After the first firecracker, I called the cops! I was pretty sure my poor neighbor had been shot!

Elsa: Glad that wasn’t the case. The police are always busy on the Fourth of July, just as the Pawshion Police were working hard this week.

Izzy: The Pawshion Police is always on the look-out for fashion violators, but this week we didn’t find anyone to pull over.

Elsa: Instead, we found a whole lot of goodness! In this edition, we are going to focus on all that is good in canine fashion.

Izzy: Let’s get started with one of the ridiculously handsome brothers known as @auggieandteddy.



Elsa: Teddy is almost your twin, Izzy!

Izzy: I don’t think the world can handle another me. But he does look like me. And he even has superb fashion sense! Wouldn’t we have beautiful babies? They’d all look like me!

Elsa: You really would! But first, let’s talk about this amazing outfit! I LOVE this beautiful sweater. The pale blue color is amazing and the craftsmanship is sublime.

Izzy: The neckline is fresh and the color looks light, even though this is a knit. It is so refreshing to see a man wearing something like this. This color is often associated with baby boys, but he looks all man!

Elsa: The knit is also a nice surprise. Outside of a traditional crew neck cable knit sweater or a cardigan, you rarely see a man wearing knit. Love this unique silhouette and surprise!

Izzy: I also adore this bow tie. The blue is so subtle but picks up the color of the sweater and of course this shade of blue with white is so classic but fresh. The fact that he is wearing it off center is the icing on the cake.

Elsa: I’ll tell you what’s icing on the cake! Teddy has two gorgeous brothers!

Izzy: Perfect! Two for me and one for you!

Elsa: That is just fine with me. All eyes are on you three hunks, so keep the fabulous fashions coming! Ready for another hunk, I mean look? I present @kimcheethemaltipoo.



Izzy: Doesn’t he look smart? He looks like Gregg Sulkin playing the role of a hot science professor.

Elsa: I’d take his class!! Gregg is so hot but so is Kimchee! He has incredible fashion sense and is always perfection! And can we talk about his hair?! Why is it men always seem to get the best hair?! I dream of having long, thick locks like his!

Izzy: I dream of his long locks blowing in the wind as the two of us take a long, romantic walk along the beach at sunset and….

Elsa: Izzy! I know its hard but we need to focus! I love how he chose to match his bow tie to the color of his fur rather than his outfit.

Izzy: The tie doesn’t match his outfit, but because it is a neutral it works so perfectly.
Elsa: It is such a subtle and classic plaid pattern. The bow tie and collar are both by @danesandddivas.

Izzy: I also like the dark cardigan contrasting with his fairer complexion. The dark color really brings out his mesmerizing eyes. The crisp white undershirt from @barkleyandwagz is also a nice pop of brightness. Oh, and I love the buttons!

Elsa: And his glasses, whether for utilitarian purposes or merely as an accessory, they are so perfect with the bow tie and top off a truly distinguished look.

Izzy: Looking smart, Kim Chee! Let me know if you need my number! Onto another of our amazing fashionistas from @the_doggie_days.



Elsa: Once again we have another boy with gorgeous hair! And it is so fluffy and white. I love this look so much on Dior. It looks a little French. It looks a little nautical. And it looks a whole lot amazing.

Izzy: That bright blue color of the pea coat does look really nice against his white complexion. It truly is a color that looks good on anyone!

Elsa: The take-away for me with this outfit is the lovely @henribendel sunglasses. The color of the lens mimics the burnt orange of the collar and trim on his shirt and the button holes of the jacket.

Izzy: The Breton striped top really does give a hint of a French influence. The black and white stripes draw attention to his beautiful black eyes and adorable nose.

Elsa: When done right, stripes can be very figure flattering! Vous regardez fantastique, Dior!

Izzy: You’re so fancy, Elsa! Moving from a fantastique Frenchman to a spunky little country girl, I present @hollys_amazing_journey to you.



Elsa: What a precious girl and what an inspiration Holly is to all of us here at the Pawshion Police.

Izzy: Holly was abandoned but has since been rescued and has risen to the top. She even has her own clothing line which features fun prints and upcycled t-shirts.

Elsa: I love Holly’s spirit and I really love those boots she is wearing. I know this is a costume, but seriously, those boots are great and very fashionable.

Izzy: Spoken like a true Texan! I mean, “Spoken like a true Texan, y’all!”

Elsa: I think you have to work on that accent a little. I love the color and the design of the stitching. Cowboy boots are very on trend this summer.

Izzy: One thing I must mention about this look is the hair. Not everyone is blessed with the perfect head of hair or can pull off every hair-do. This is a fine example of hair being used as an accessory to create the perfect look.

Elsa: Wigs and clip-on hair extensions are so realistic these days that they really can be considered an accessory.

Izzy: The pink and blue dress and the pink and blue in Holly’s hat look so good together. And I love that she also used these hues in her hair ribbons. Very sweet touch.

Elsa: I wouldn’t normally wear an outfit like this to go shopping or to lunch with a friend, but I could see this being the perfect ensemble for a country and western concert or special event.

Izzy: Or maybe even a stage ensemble.

Elsa: Aside from her outfit, I’d like to mention Holly’s eyes. Aren’t they gorgeous? The shape and color are so pretty and they really do seem to tell a story. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I feel as if I can see Holly’s life story right in her eyes.

Izzy: Then I am in huge trouble and need to start wearing sunglasses permanently! But seriously, you’re beautiful, Holly, and your determined spirit is even more lovely. Ready for another lovely fashionista?



Elsa: Oh,goodness, she is such a shining star! And as you know I am a huge fan of Chanel! That necklace is the perfect accessory for this soft look.

Izzy: @diorabelle, you look amazing for a Sunday brunch and a day full of shopping. And you’re right, Elsa, that necklace from @pawsdeluxe is perfect.

Elsa: Every girl needs a classic pearl necklace! You can wear it with everything from a t-shirt to formal black dress. It is a wardrobe staple in my opinion.

Izzy: I agree but In the words of Coco Chanel herself, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” One can never have too many strands of pearls.

Elsa: Spoken like a true shopaholic! The beautiful ribbon detail in the back of Dior’s pearl strand makes this feel even more special, no matter which direction she is going.

Izzy: The beautiful pale pink dress is also by @pawsdeluxe and is made in Italy. The dress is very light and soft with flirty ruffles and a bow and pink is a beautiful color with her dark coat.

Elsa: My favorite part of this dress unfortunately can not be seen in this photo. On the back is printed “Who loves me will also love my dog.”

Izzy: I love that! What better way to let the world know how loved I am! I need this dress! But getting back to Diorabelle… I love this look, particularly the neck bling. I give this ensemble a perfect 10.

Elsa: I completely agree and we both love you Diorabelle. Okay Izzy, be prepared to smile wide!! Take a look at the beautiful Beebs from @thewhitestpupsyouknow!



Izzy: Oh, Beebs, what a happy smile. You really do light up a room with that smile of yours.

Elsa: She’s the Julia Roberts of the canine world. Don’t you love that bow headband!?

Izzy: I do! Oversized bows aren’t just for cheerleaders! They can bring a youthful, joyful vibe to any outfit and this is no exception.

Elsa: The size of this bow works with the scale of her face. On a small chihuahua this would look ridiculous.

Izzy: I also notice how she decided on a large pearl necklace instead of a petite bead. And might I point out that I can see at least TWO strands of pearls on this beauty. Because this is a causal look and because of the size of the bow, the larger bead necklace looks on-point.

Elsa: This nice bright, yet pastel colored fleece jumper is so lovely too. Many people with fair complexions feel as if they have to avoid pastels. They think that the lighter colors will wash them out. This is a fine example of how to use light and airy colors for those with lighter skin tones.

Izzy: White can really wash out those with fair skin, but take note that these shades of pink and mint green are stunning. Try these shades for a light and airy alternative to a white sundress.

Elsa: Yes, even though the fabric is a heavy, cozy fleece, the colors makes it look so light and ideal for summer.

Izzy: Speaking of the fleece, this is a custom piece created by @ThreadzNTails.

Elsa: This fleece pullover has a great little surprise. The collar can easily be pulled up and becomes a hood. Another example of a functional piece that is also very fashionable. Speaking of surprises I have a great one for our viewers.

Izzy: Ohhh, I love surprises!

Elsa: I am so honored to be asked to be a BarkBox Affiliate!! I’ve been a BarkBox fanatic for so long and I am so excited to be a part of the team.

Izzy: The arrival of the BarkBox is one of the best parts of my month!

Elsa: BarkBox sends a new fun themed box of healthy doggy treats and innovative toys every month. Boxes can be customized for heavy chewers or allergies and by dog size.

Izzy: It is just like a birthday party every time it arrives! I’m glad you’re an Affiliate and all, but how does that surprise help me? Not that everything has to benefit me, though it does.

Elsa: Well, Izzy, it means I can give my friends a great discount! When you use my special code to subscribe to BarkBox and choose a 6- or 12- month plan, you get your first Box for 50% off.

Izzy: Okay, so I DO get a benefit from this. In that case, congratulations. I’ll drink to that! Of course, I will drink to just about anything.

Elsa: Yes, I know. Before you start drinking make sure to use my link to get started! #barkboxday

Izzy: From handsome men, superb fashion and great surprises… I think this has been a very successful show.

Elsa: I agree. And I’m already looking forward to our next exciting episode.

Izzy and Elsa: But in the meantime, Stay Fabulous Fashionistas!


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