Pawshion Police: City and Country Edition

Izzy: Welcome everyone! Today’s show is right up my graffiti clad ally! I’m the citified one in the bunch, so stand back, Elsa you’re in my wheelhouse!!



Elsa: I’m not sure if you know this or not, Izzy, but there are cities in my home state of Texas.


Izzy: Cowboy towns!

Elsa: Houston has over two million people.

Izzy: Is that counting cows and bulls or real people?

Elsa: Oh, Izzy! My beloved hometown of Waco has over two hundred thousand people. We have wonderful boutiques, specialty shops, unique restaurants, a wonderful museum at Baylor and a nice little mall. You don’t have to be from New York or Washington, DC to be sophisticated.

Izzy: But it helps. It’s okay, Elsa! You’re just a little bit country and I’m little bit rock-n-roll.

Elsa: Wasn’t that an Osmond song?

Izzy: Oh, their fashions were HIDEOUS!

Elsa: I don’t mind being a little bit country, as long as I am considered an elegant miss!

Izzy: You’re a very sophisticated somewhat citified country lady, but I am the street smart one in our friendship.

Elsa: Well today’s show is all about how to go out on the town looking fabulous!

Izzy: We might not agree on whether city life or country living is better, so let’s move onto something I think we will both agree on… our first look by @eyvvi.


Izzy: You citified little bitch! You look great!

Elsa: She does look great for a night out in her hometown of Melbourne.

Izzy: I love the colors!! This outfit from @EYEOFDOG shop is everything. I love the faux fur sleeves on this heather grey T-shirt. Adding fur to a T-shirt is so unexpected and so beautiful.

Elsa: I think it works really well on her body because she is a short haired dog and adding this length of fur to her frame looks so lovely. I don’t think it would be nearly as successful if she were a long-haired dog.

Izzy: I don’t know. I’ve seen long haired dogs in this T-shirt and it looks great too! I think it’s more in the styling. The collar is pretty amazeballs! I love the touch of sparkle and the nameplate. And I like that the nameplate is in gold rather than silver. The contrast is amazing.

Elsa: The toque is charming too. She looks so chic and ready for shopping or going out on the town. Nice job of styling!

Izzy: Yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to hang-out with her. And that is a high compliment!

Elsa: Okay, then. So, anyway, you’re going to love our next guest. Welcome, @nelson.the.pup!



Izzy: New York, baby! The Upper West Side, to be exact. Nelson looks dumb cool in this camouflage outfit and bling from!

Elsa: He does! And his fluffy ears are just the best! So unfair that hair like that is wasted on a man!

Izzy: Nelson is one of my peeps. And as you know, I only hang-out with fashionable people, well, and dogs.

Elsa: Ya, you’ve made that pretty clear today. This is the perfect outfit to go out on the town for a day of sightseeing or hanging out with friends. He looks chic and cool and so city! And he certainly won’t blend in wearing this camouflage. The dark tones of the print really do amplify the outfit from hunting gear to city fashion.

Izzy: You just might be from Texas if you wear hunting gear to dinner.

Elsa: I said he did NOT look like a hunter.

Izzy: I know, but I had to take my chance to fit in a Texas joke.

Elsa: So, back to our look. Rebel Dawg has so many interesting charms and name tags. They are so stylish and ooze cool. I love the bold font on this one. It looks so manly. Nelson is a small dog, but he looks pretty masculine in this dark color and bold nameplate.

Izzy: I have a doozy for you for our final city fashion example. It comes all the way from beautiful Thailand.


Elsa: So Ellie Mae Clampett finally got asked to prom.

Izzy: Yes! Congratulations, Ellie Mae. Granny Clampett gave up her best lace tablecloth to whip-up this number.

Elsa: Oh, we’re not nice.

Izzy: If you dress like an Amish going to prom, you’re going to get teased!!

Elsa: Do you think this could be her wedding dress?

Izzy: Or maybe she is a Spanish dancer?

Elsa: I think she may be the most confused guest we’ve ever had!

Izzy: I love lace. Really. But this is… wow… a lot of lace.

Elsa: Lace in very large quantities should be only used on table cloths, Victorian curtains and wedding dresses. This is certainly not an appropriate outfit to go out on the town.

Izzy: Not just for a night on the town. It’s not an appropriate outfit for anything I can think of, except maybe Halloween? I think she might be laughing at herself.

Elsa: Or crying for help!

Izzy: The Bluechi family show a few decent fashions on their account. I like the color on their Instagram account.

Elsa: But this particular outfit is so devoid of color with only neutral tones.

Izzy: It’s so depressing I think I need to call my therapist.

Elsa: Lace used to be considered an elegant fabric. If you look at the Victorian era, the women wore lace and it looked beautiful and elegant.

Izzy: But this is 2018 and though some lace can be very chic it has to be done right. And this certainly isn’t.

Elsa: The color of the skirt, which doesn’t fit properly, by the way, is really awful, too.

Izzy: It’s sort of phlegmy – ear wax yellow.

Elsa: Gross!

Izzy: Well… it is.

Elsa: I don’t think we better go out on the town in Thailand any time soon. I’m pretty sure they won’t let us in.

Izzy: I think I can speak for all of Thailand when I say that they do not want this image to represent their national fashion. They will welcome us as the voice of truth and reason!

Elsa: I think I will let them calm down before making that trip. And I think we have time for one more look!

Izzy: Let’s end on a good note, shall we?

Elsa: This is a very good and handsome note.


Izzy: Wow! Look at those peepers! Jeepers! I could get lost in that sea of blue.

Elsa: They are rather thoughtful and a bit haunting.

Izzy: If his eyes could tell a story, I’m sure they would have a lot to say. This young chap was rescued from a bad living situation. His past might not have been the best, but he sure looks good now!

Elsa: This scarf is amazing. I love the colors and the pattern and even how he has the knot tied.

Izzy: I also love this un-patched denim dog vest in raw blue from @hellopethaus. The color is bright, masculine and so lovely against his complexion and with those eyes!

Elsa: I love the tattered sleeves and of course, I’m sure you love the muscles!

Izzy: So hawt!

Elsa: I’m so happy that this handsome fellow was rescued out of a bad situation. His loving family rescues animals and gives them a loving home and some pretty awesome threads! After living a tough life, having clean and luxurious clothes to wear has got to be such a blessing.

Izzy: Hats off to anyone who rescues animals! And a round of applause to those who dress their furbabies in fabulous designer gear!

Elsa: Well, this was an interesting show. It has inspired me to go out to a museum or shop in the big city this weekend.

Izzy: And of course you will look amazing! Especially with me by your side!!!

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!


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