Pawshion Police: Celebrity-Lookalike Edition

Izzy: Greetings, Fashionistas! Welcome back to another episode of the Pawshion Police.
Elsa: Happy Friday, everyone! Hello, Izzy. I have a big surprissseee for you…..
Izzy: Is it a new Kate Spade purse?
Elsa: Better than that.
Izzy: Tiffany bracelet? Chocolates? Dinner at La Bernardin?
Elsa: I think you will like this even more. I present to you… Ryan Gosling!



Izzy: That is the BEST present a girl could ever receive. Did I ever tell you about the time that Ryan Gosling took me out on a date?
Elsa: Ryan Gosling… THE Ryan Gosling took YOU on a date? I know you’re fabulous, but isn’t he married? Hasn’t he been married for, like, eight years to the GORGEOUS Eva Mendes?
Izzy: So, anyway, he took me to New York. It was so memorable.
Elsa: That does sound like a fabulous date. Where did you have dinner? I need details.
Izzy: We didn’t have dinner, per se. It was more like snacks.
Elsa: Snacks?
Izzy: Yes, I remember peanuts and pretzels. Ry loves pretzels, you know.
Elsa: No, I didn’t know that. But he fed you pretzels on a date?
Izzy: Not so much him, but the server.
Elsa: At a restaurant in New York.
Izzy: More like, over New York.
Elsa: Over New York?
Izzy: Yep.
Elsa: You had peanuts and pretzels OVER New York with Ryan Gosling. Izzy, were you on a plane with him?
Izzy: Yes, he flew me to New York.
Elsa: Did he know you were on board the airplane, too?
Izzy: After I asked for his autograph he knew. And so did his security, but nevertheless!!!!
Elsa: And how many feet away from Ryan Gosling must you remain? Are we violating any laws right now?
Izzy: I’m pretty sure I’m still allowed to talk ABOUT him, maybe not just directly to him (Call me, Ryan).
Elsa: Need I ask who you think wore this outfit best?
Izzy: Nope.
Elsa: Well, my vote is for @tungstenfrenchie. I am a Gosling fan too, but in this instance, I think Tungsten owns the look. Maybe it is his fierce expression or the masculine physique under the plaid, but he is the winner in my opinion.
Izzy: As much as I agree with you that Tungsten looks amazing, my heart and loyalty has to remain with Ry.
Elsa: Ryan Gosling would look good in just about anything he could put on, it is no wonder he is such a huge and successful star!
Izzy: From a mega-star to a rising star… Here is our next look.



Elsa: @itsmauisworld, or Maui the Chihuahua as she is also known, IS a rising star. And look at her glow in her disco T-shirt from @eyeofdog. There is a right way and a wrong way to wear lamé mesh jersey and this certainly is all kinds of right.
Izzy: Yes, lamé can go gaudy real quick, but this is understated without being drab. I also like the personalized bling. Normally, I would suggest a less flashy accessory with a top like this, but it just works!
Elsa: The personalized bling comes from @nordstroms, by the way. I know you love your Nordies!
Izzy: I do, indeed. I also love that Maui used a contrasting color to make her tag really stand-out. The silver metallic of the shirt contrasts so nicely with the gold tones in the tag.
Elsa: Without Maui’s impeccable taste, this outfit could have gone showgirl, but instead it is runway ready. I want this shirt, by the way.
Izzy: Yes, that would look amazing on you and you would shine like the bright star you are, unlike our friend, @zz_poo.



Elsa: Oh, bless your heart, @zz_poo. Not shining like a star, maybe as shiny AS a star, but…
Izzy: I’m confused. I’m pretty sure she is wearing a Christmas tree skirt.
Elsa: And part of the Thanksgiving Day centerpiece.
Izzy: Z won’t need birth-control in that ensemble, that’s for sure.
Elsa: She’s a beautiful girl, has some fabulous clothing, and has even walked the catwalk for @anthonyrubio01 but this outfit is overwhelming and swallowing her petite frame!
Izzy: This would be the costume of choice if Carmen Miranda and Charo played a Christmas show in Vegas.
Elsa: Let’s focus on the positives. I love that she is bold enough to try a new style. I also appreciate her innovation with incorporating unusual, unconventional items into her look.
Izzy: Let’s face it. There isn’t really any salvaging this look. I actually see a pine cone on her dress. A real pine cone.
Elsa: If Z were to remove all the faux holiday decorations and focus on fabulous fabrics and simple styling, I think she could be a real star.
Izzy: I don’t think pine cones are considered accessories. I’m pretty sure if you can find it growing on a nearby tree or can buy it in the silk floral section of Hobby Lobby, it is not considered a fashion accessory.
Elsa: Nevertheless, Z is precious and we love you no matter what you wear.
Izzy: Speaking of love…



Elsa: We are saddened by the news of the passing of the beloved, @lulunasty who recently took her journey over the rainbow bridge.
Izzy: Lulu was more than just a fashion icon, she was a source of light-hearted love and a ray of sunshine to so many around the world.
Elsa: From her unquenchable love for ducks and her playful antics at the beach, it wasn’t her fashion that anyone cared about or remembered. Once you met Lulu you would remember her smile and her playful, yet determined spirit. Whether she was wearing a whimsical unicorn horn or a designer gown, Lulu’s spirit was always the most obvious element of her look.
Izzy: We will miss you, Lulu!
Elsa: Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Thank you for letting us into your life and entertaining us for all these years.

Izzy: Thank you all for joining us for another edition of the Pawshion Police. We hope to see you again next week.
Izzy & Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!

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