Pawshion Police: Bumble Bees and Spring Flowers Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you bumble bees and spring flowers!

Elsa: Well, that was pleasant!

Izzy: I can be pleasant.

Elsa: You just choose not to be??

Izzy: Hey!! I’m as pleasant as a meadow of wildflowers.

Elsa: VERY wildflowers!

Izzy: I don’t know if I resent or resemble that remark.

Elsa: I’m glad you’re in a good mood…and to add to your good mood…

Izzy: Alcohol?

Elsa: Well, no…but a handsome man.



Izzy: You speak the truth!!! He is hawttttt! Look at that bod!

Elsa: Can you just appreciate a man’s outfit instead of his body for once?

Izzy: And why can’t I enjoy both?

Elsa: Whatever you say, Izzy.

Izzy: I say that I likey him very much!

Elsa: I “likey” his outfit a lot too. He is ready for a spring wedding or a luncheon.

Izzy: Or asking me out on a date…

Elsa: Of which you would refuse since you are married.

Izzy: Oh. Ya. Right. Dang-it!

Elsa: So, let’s stick to admiring this outfit. I love the paisley tie and the striped shirt combination. I also love the vest. It looks so

neat and clean.

Izzy: And I bet it would look great on my bedroom flo…

Elsa: IZZY!

Izzy: I’m sorry!! I’m trying!!

Elsa: Trying to do what????

Izzy: Outfit…nice…I like it.

Elsa: Moving on…



Izzy: Oh, I love this outfit.

Elsa: At least you’re paying attention to the FASHION this time…

Izzy: I love the warm tones…like a warm cup of mocha!

Elsa: If it’s not men you’re thinking about…it’s food.

Izzy: Oh, and alcohol. You forgot alcohol.

Elsa: YOU never forget alcohol.

Izzy: Now who is off topic…

Elsa: My favorite part of this look is the shirt. It just adds that funky little spunk to the outfit.

Izzy: Funky cold burrito…

Elsa: I said, “spunk” and that’s not how the song goes…and…anyway…

Izzy: The sweater is my favorite part. It looks effortless but still stylish.

Elsa: And the hat gives it an exotic spin. And the backpack…perfection. Ready for a trip to the outback.

Izzy: Or eating at Outback Steakhouse.

Elsa: Or a day of sightseeing…

Izzy: Here’s another sight to see…



Izzy: Ohhhh, badass!!

Elsa: Penny looks sophisticated and super tough too.

Izzy: Something about black leather that just brings out the badass.

Elsa: But she didn’t overdo the black leather so she still has a chic charm.

Izzy: I like her checkered top. It’s modern and, well, I like to play checkers.

Elsa: You have the strangest mind.

Izzy: Thank you!

Elsa: Not a compliment, but okay. The bling here is very cool and personalized and of course, I love bling for its…blinginess.

Izzy: Not a word. But I agree, I like the bling here too. It’s just bling enough without being too feminine. It matches the outfit quite nicely.

Elsa: She looks like she has attitude too. Attitude is the best accessory.

Izzy: T-shirt idea!! Write that down!!

Elsa: That is actually a good t-shirt idea. Thank you, Izzy!

Izzy: Going from badass to wholesome miss…



Elsa: So much to love here that I don’t even know where to start loving it!

Izzy: The bow from @the_swanky_bow

Elsa: The pin,

Izzy: The color!! I think that’s my favorite.

Elsa: Yellow is very on-trend this year. And yellow is one of those colors that will always make a statement.

Izzy: And if you wear it at Bestbuy your statement might be “Do you need a new cell phone contract?”

Elsa: I hardly think that this pretty little thing will be mistaken as an electronics expert in this outfit.

Izzy: I’m speaking of wearing yellow at that particular store. It’s like wearing red to go shopping at Target.

Elsa: Well, back to this specific yellow outfit. The pin is so perfect and prim.

Izzy: You are all about the prim, you prude.

Elsa: I think being prim and proper is a compliment, so if that’s your definition of a prude, I will thank you.

Izzy: Ya…that’s it…that’s my definition of a prude. We’ll go with that.

Elsa: Don’t you just love that starched, stark white collar? It’s so…

Izzy: Proper?

Elsa: Okay, fine. Yes. I admit to my rather…appropriate upbringing.

Izzy: Speaking of being appropriate and proper, I have an etiquette question for you.

Elsa: How sweet of you to think of me. What’s your question?

Izzy: Let’s say a very dear friend fixes you up with someone who probably has a very nice personality, but not the best dresser.

Elsa: Okay.

Izzy: I mean this friend who is fixing you up is AMAZING!  We’re talking beautiful, funny, sophisticated…beautiful.

Elsa: It’s you, isn’t it?

Izzy: Maybe.

Elsa: You said beautiful twice so I knew you must be talking about yourself.

Izzy: Glad you agree.

Elsa: And you’re fixing me up???

Izzy: What made you think that?

Elsa: Oh good! I was just hoping that you…

Izzy: You’re right!! You keep telling me that I need to be faithful to my husband, so when I came across this gem…well, I couldn’t let it go to waste.



Elsa: Oh, hell no.

Izzy: I got you to swear!!!!!! So much for being proper!!!

Elsa: Well, number one…this is a female. And I am heterosexual, so there’s that…

Izzy: And…

Elsa: AND…Why would I ever date anyone who dressed like this???

Izzy: Oh, come on now…I think this is a smashing outfit.

Elsa: You think a crop top dress shirt in THIS pattern is smashing?

Izzy: Yep.

Elsa: And you like this HUGE collar?

Izzy: Uh huh.

Elsa: Liar!

Izzy: But think of the fun you two could have shopping for crop tops in the men’s Hawaiian shirt section of your local secondhand store.

Elsa: Is this meant to be a crop top?

Izzy: Maybe she cut the bottom of the shirt off and is making a matching skirt for you to wear so that EVERYONE will know you’re together on your date.

Elsa: Ya, that must be it.

Izzy: Did I break your spirit, Elsa? You’re suddenly being agreeable.

Elsa: I agree that we should end this show before you dig yourself into a larger hole..mble

Izzy: Oh, you don’t scare me, Elsa. Besides your date here, you know Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, will figure it out in a hot second.

Elsa: Okay enough making fun of me and this lovely dog in the unfortunate crop top.

Izzy: If I can’t make fun of you, what is the point of the show???

Elsa: Well, fashion for starters.

Izzy: Fine…but we are out of fashions for today.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!



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