Pawshion Police: Art-Inspired Fashion

Izzy: I’m Izzy and I’m so glad that you’re here today!



Elsa: I’m Elsa! So excited for another episode of Pawshion Police.



Izzy: Did you have a good week, Elsa?

Elsa: It was a very nice week, thank you. Did you do anything exciting.

Izzy: The usual list of events, Elsa. Though I especially enjoyed an art gallery opening that I attended this week. The pieces were all inspired by lovely fashions throughout history.

Elsa: Art inspired by fashion must have been amazing. I know fashion is often inspired by art, too! Piet Mondrian inspired some color-blocked Chanel looks and Louis Vuitton has a whole line of bags inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lillies. Check out our first fashionista, who looks like a piece of art!



Izzy: What a fun way to start the show! As Bill Blass said, “When in doubt wear red.” I love this color!

Elsa: The sweater is Ralph Lauren‘s Cable Cashmere Dog Sweater in Country Red. It’s brilliant!

Izzy: Ralph Lauren’s clothes are all brilliant and so sophisticated. I love the wide collar and turned-up cuffs.

Elsa: This beautiful scarf from Zara steals the show for me. I love the colors. Notice how she has not repeated the exact color of the sweater in the scarf, but has contrasted it nicely.

Izzy: The scarf is amazing. Just like a piece of art is best displayed in a well-chosen frame, your face can also be accentuated when framed properly by a pretty scarf, high neckline, a nice hat or even an flattering haircut.

Elsa: This is a great example of how to draw attention to a lovely, well-groomed face.

Izzy: The beret is what makes this extra special for me. I love a good beret! It is so artsy!

Elsa: The beret has been around for thousands of years and its still fashionable today!

Izzy: Did you know that traces of hats similar to berets have been found inside Bronze Age tombs! I always think French artist when I see a beret though, particularly a black one.

Elsa: Artists of the 1600s did make the black beret famous even though it didn’t get its name until 1835. Berets didn’t become a fashion piece until the early 1900s.

Izzy: There was a resurgence of the beret in the 1960s and 1970s as a political and fashion statement. I believe the beret is now a fashion staple.

Elsa: This beauty of a hat is from Bad Dog Hats and really “tops” off the outfit.

Izzy: I thought we had agreed to no more puns.

Elsa: You demanded. I never agreed. I was merely being polite.

Izzy: You’re not being very polite with these puns!!

Elsa: We shall move onto our next look from @lana_havi.



Elsa: What a beautiful girl! Look at that hair and her complexion. I really do love the pop of color at the tips of her lovely locks.

Izzy: Isn’t it great that she matched her hair to her outfit!

Elsa: Dyed hair is another ticklish area. It can go from chic to cheap in no time flat. But this is lovely.

Izzy: I think it works for many reasons. Number one being that Lana chose to dye only the tips of her hair. Had she dyed her whole head pink, she would have looked like an Easter Peep.

Elsa: Moderation is the key to so many things in life, and hair dying is no exception. Her entire persona is young, fun and hip too, which really helps the dyed hair make sense.

Izzy: The fact that Lana is so well-groomed also makes the hair color work. If she wasn’t well groomed, the pink hair might come across as tacky.

Elsa: I also love the scarf! We should really discuss this lovely scarf from Studio Eloise.

Izzy: I love this Grey Gingham Bandana. Its a beautiful subtle color. Grey always looks so nice against pink.

Elsa: It is even more special that its personalized!

Izzy: Her outfit is both girly and sporty!

Elsa: Moving from feminine to masculine…. meet @francos_modern_life.



Izzy: My favorite part of the show! Handsome men! Franco looks so casual-chic. Look at that bod!!!

Elsa: This horizontal stripped turtleneck from Woof Out West really shows off his amazing physique. Horizontal stripes are thought to add visual width which isn’t always a good thing.

Izzy: In other words, they can make you look really fat.

Elsa: True, but they can also add width in a truly positive way. Look at how broad his shoulders look in this stripe. Amazing!

Izzy: We talked about proper ways to mix patterns last week and this is another great example. Franco chose to unify the look with the color, navy blue. There is navy in both his shirt and his tie, tying it all together.

Elsa: Tying it together? And you talk about my bad puns?

Izzy: The Shoes. These shoes are so popular right now, as they have been for a generation or two. I love how clean and crisp he looks, even down to clean white toes of his shoes.

Elsa: Franco looks strong and regal, but he also looks modern enough to be posing next to that wall full of graffiti. Well, done, Franco.


Izzy: Last week we talked about the stunning Audrey Hepburn. This scarf and sun glass combination worn by @pugloulou screams Audrey Hepburn.

Elsa: Yes, I see the reference. But this is a very updated version of that iconic look. It’s rose gold!! You know how I feel about rose gold.

Izzy: I love how the reflection in the sunglasses, which are from, is echoed in the pretty scarf.

Elsa: The Wild Cat Rashie top from Pugalicious Australia is divine too. The colors in the print are not an exact match to the scarf, but doesn’t it look just terrific?

Izzy: It looks amazing! I love how the scarf frames LouLou’s face. Ready for our next look?
Elsa: Yes, here is our final look from @prim_and_morris.



Izzy: I don’t even know what it is that I’m looking at.

Elsa: Is that a garish turtleneck?

Izzy: I’m thinking burrito. Maybe a chicken wrap?

Elsa: I think it might be wrap dress. Yes, it says wrap dress.

Izzy: It looks more like a strangulation device.

Elsa: We’ve seen four examples of how to properly use clothing or accessories to frame the face, but this is a good example of how not to do that!!!

Izzy: I still think that this outfit was knit by some cute little old innocent grandma who secretly tortures small dogs by slow strangulation.

Elsa: Or perhaps tortures them with humiliation.

Izzy: Holly, our first example, used a brightly colored scarf to accentuate her face, while Lana used a more subtle color to frame her lovely face.

Elsa: Franco used a bow tie to draw attention to his striking eyes and Lou Lou went all out with a beautiful scarf to encircle her face.

Izzy: But this… this is crazy.

Elsa: For starters, the knit is far too big for this poor little frame!

Izzy: The black and white color combination is also not working in this outfit. The color does nothing to enhance Affe’s natural complexion.

Elsa: And the orange and green?

Izzy: Lettuce and ketchup in the chicken wrap!?

Elsa: I was thinking that it might be a hat or a hood from another layer?

Izzy: He looks a little like a delicious piece of sushi too. Maybe a California roll?

Elsa: Are you hungry?

Izzy: True fashion shouldn’t really make you hungry, I don’t think.

Elsa: Whatever that peek-a-boo of color is around the face, it does nothing to enhance the overall look.

Izzy: Mental image be gone!

Elsa: We have to be gone too!


Izzy: Thank you all for joining us today and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas!


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