Pawshion Police: Army Brats and Cool Cats Edition


Izzy: Greetings all you army brats and cool cats.

Elsa: Speaking of cool cats…I’m excited about our show today because we have a very chic feline on the roster.

Izzy: Did you say rooster?

Elsa: No. Roster.

Izzy: Oh, well, you bring-up cats and chicken and you don’t even have snacks.

Elsa: I thought you had evolved in your thinking enough to realize your friends are, indeed, not your lunch.

Izzy: Dinner?

Elsa: Or your dinner…or your snack or any other meal.

Izzy: I don’t eat “friends” but chickens I’ve never met before are fair game!!

Elsa: You’re so cannibalistic today.

Izzy: Not just today, sweetheart!

Elsa: Can we proceed with the show or are you going to be attacking and/or eating our guests?

Izzy: No promises!!

Elsa: Let’s start off with a lovely dog FRIEND then…



Izzy: Oh, how handsome! He’s channeling his inner Nicki Minaj!

Elsa: Just look at that Fendi inspired top! What a great color. One thing that I love about this outfit is, of course, the pattern.

Izzy: Iconic, isn’t it?

Elsa: Not just iconic though. I like that it is just interesting enough to stand-alone. No accessories needed! If an outfit has enough visual interest on its own, it’s wise not to overwhelm the look with a lot of unnecessary baubles.

Izzy: Do you suppose he is single? I’m just asking for a friend.

Elsa: A friend, huh…? Is your friend’s name “Izzy” by any chance?

Izzy: I’m offended. I’m offended that you would think that I would cheat on my dear husband. I was asking for YOU.  You’re my friend.

Elsa: Your best friend?

Izzy: If you’re sad…I’m sad.

Elsa: Awww…

Izzy: If you’re fighting…I’m fighting…

Elsa: Oh, Izzy…you’re so sweet!

Izzy: If you jump off a bridge…

Elsa: You would jump too?

Izzy: No, but I’d get a boat to save your stupid ass.

Elsa: I suppose that’s sweet? Right?

Izzy: Okay, so I really was asking for myself. Do you think he’s single?

Elsa: I think we should move on…



Izzy: Is there a dog in this photo? I can’t see anything.

Elsa: Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?

Izzy: I can see okay, I just can’t find a dog in this photo.

Elsa: Oh, geez, because of the camouflage?

Izzy:  Hee hee hee yes!

Elsa: You had me worried there for a minute…By the way, I still think you need a doctor.

Izzy: I love you, too.

Elsa: Isn’t this a great jacket? I ADORE this fabric.

Izzy: This is fun and modern and edgy cool.

Elsa: I love the traditional fatigue pattern but with this modern twist.

Izzy: The color pattern and the sheen on the fabric make this less about war and more about streetsmart fashions.

Elsa: The blue hue in the jacket is repeated in the glasses which makes this ridiculously cool.

Izzy: Ready for battle…ready for shopping. My kind of outfit!

Elsa: Brace yourself.

Izzy: For what?



Izzy: For DINNER!!!

Elsa: Again. Let’s review. Cats are friends…not food.

Izzy: In your world, maybe.

Elsa: I love this little beauty so much.

Izzy: I do too…I would never eat a fashion maven like this… even if she does look delicious.

Elsa: Notice how the glasses in the last look are similar in shape? It’s so amazing how similar accessories can be used to create such different looks.

Izzy: True. The previous look was all about edgy fashion while this one is more of a hip diva look. Similar glasses used on two very

distinctly different looks.

Elsa: Of course, I can’t let this outfit slip by without mentioning the beautiful pink color! My favorite!

Izzy: And the personalized bling…All the cool kids, or should I say, “cats” are doing it.

Elsa: Yes, personalized necklaces and other jewelry items are right on trend.

Izzy: Speaking of on-trend…



Elsa: Oh that look IS so on trend…

Izzy: If you’re a stripper at Mardi Gras.

Elsa: I don’t even think a stripper would wear this…too many layers to take-off.

Izzy: Look at that beautiful Pomeranian face!

Elsa: She looks scared.

Izzy: I think Ereina may be getting attacked by a peacock who is a Mardi Gras enthusiast.

Elsa:  Or maybe she’s just sad.

Izzy: I think she’s trapped. I don’t think she can move under the

weight of tulle and feathers.

Elsa: Not being able to move in your clothing is a fashion don’t.

Izzy: Is that the only fashion “don’t” you see here?

Elsa: No. That’s just one.

Izzy: At least I lost my appetite.

Elsa: So bad fashion does have a positive role…

Izzy: A roll. With butter! Appetite is back!

Elsa: Let’s go do lunch…but nothing from the French Quarters, okay?

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, fashionistas.


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Izzy the Frenchie

Izzy the Frenchie has become a well-known voice in canine fashion. She gained instant fame when her "bath" video was aired on NBC's Today Show, NBC News with Lester Holt, CBS, ABC, Right this Minute | The Viral Videos Show and the Channel 9 News in Australia. She divides her time between Washington, DC, New York City and the Hamptons.

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