Pawshion Police: All Things Pink Edition

Izzy: Hello all you flamingos and gum bubbles.

Elsa: Eeeeeeeeeekkkkk!! I’m so excited about this show. I can hardly contain myself!!!!

Izzy: Are you tickled pink?

Elsa: Nicely done, Izzy. And yes!! This show is dedicated to all things pink, the most amazing color on the face of the planet.

Izzy: I do love pink too, but you take the obsession to a whole new level. Let’s hope you never become president. We’ll all be driving only pink cars. It would be a pink car-nation. Huhhhh… like what I did?

Elsa: That was actually quite charming!

Izzy: You’re in a good mood.

Elsa: Who wouldn’t be in a good mood during an all PINK show!?

Izzy: Someone who hated pink, I suppose.

Elsa: And pink is a very important color too. It helps to bring awareness to the important issue of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Izzy: It’s an important issue and I am so happy to be a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Elsa: Let’s take a look at all these amazing dog fashions as we celebrate awareness!

Izzy: I’m ready!

Elsa: Let’s start off with a bang!!


Izzy: Ohhh gurl, you are looking like a rich and fabulous little Hollywood bitch!

Elsa: I REALLY want those sunglasses. I must have them! The contrast of the aqua blue lens with the outfit is spot on. And the rhinestones around the frames and the pink details!! I’m swooning! And that Swanky Bow!

Izzy: That is a swanky bow!!

Elsa: That’s the company name… @the_swanky_bow!

Izzy: Ohhhhh….. Well, it is pretty swanky! It looks amazeballs with that outfit too! This is where accessories are queen and bling is king! That’s a good statement if I do say so myself. I have to write that down for a bumper sticker or a t-shirt.

Elsa: Yes, the accessories do make the outfit, but I have to say that I also think the dress is beautiful, well sewn and pretty luxurious. She’s like a deep pink rose that is covered in sparkling morning dew.

Izzy: That’s just beautiful, Elsa. I was thinking more like a hot-to-trot @victoriasecret model covered in diamonds. But your simile works too.

Elsa: You’re going to love this next look!


Izzy: I love the look. I love the man.

Elsa: He does look amazing!! Pink really has made a comeback in men’s fashion. This look is a good example of a man wearing pink and not looking the least bit out of place.

Izzy: He looks powerful, doesn’t he? With that strong jawline…. those deep brown eyes that look right into my soul….

Elsa: So, back to the fashion. I love the pattern mixing in this outfit from @shopdogthreads. The small check pattern in the shirt works nicely with the larger check plaid of the bowtie. The pink in his shirt is the exact same shade of pink in the bowtie. He knows how to pair his patterns quite expertly. And pink is such a great color because it matches so nicely with a wide range of other colors.

Izzy: That pink shirt would look great on my bedroom floor too!

Elsa: Izzy, just when I think you couldn’t possibly stoop any lower… you somehow manage to find a way.

Izzy: Thank you? Yes, thank you.

Elsa: I really wish more men would be daring enough, might I say “manly enough,” to wear pink. You know that it used to be considered a color of war?

Izzy: I’d go to battle with this guy any…

Elsa: Izzy, I think that’s enough naughty talk for today.

Izzy: For the whole day!!??

Elsa: And best of all, Freddie is reminding us the importance of breast health.

Izzy: Freddie could check my br….

Elsa: …IZZY! We are moving on to more FASHION now. Check-out this delicate and sophisticated little beauty:


Izzy: This is how I should look everyday. Like a freakin’ queen!

Elsa: This is precious. I love the sparkly crown by @busterspartyshop. The only thing better than pink… is pink SPARKLE!

Izzy: And its a crown. It’s like win-win-win. I want those jewels too! I wonder if I could borrow them for a day or year or so.

Elsa: I doubt she’d want to lend out that magnificent necklace. I wonder if it is an antique or maybe a precious heirloom. She isn’t likely to lend out the family jewels.

Izzy: The family jewels are… naw, that’s too easy and you’re just too pure.

Elsa: Nice discretion there, Izzy.

Izzy: I do love this tutu too. It’s from @boredpaws. Me wanty that too!

Elsa: I know what I am getting you for Christmas. I am getting you a queen costume.

Izzy: Costume implies that I am masquerading as a queen. Think of it as less of a costume and more as a uniform. But yes, that would be a fabulous gift. Thank you.

Elsa: I can’t find one thing to criticize about this outfit.

Izzy: What’s even stranger is that I can’t find anything to criticize. That must be some sort of record.

Elsa: I think our next guest sets the record for the most ill-placed bling in a single outfit.


Izzy: Oh my goodness, she’s looking like a bar queen.

Elsa: I’m simply confused. I don’t quite understand what this is or where to look.

Izzy: Let’s carefully dissect this…like a frog in science class.

Elsa: Lovely. Well, I do love the color pink.

Izzy: I think this is her work uniform. She is a belly-dancing troll.

Elsa: Where do you get that?

Izzy: Well, the costume is quite clearly that of a belly-dancer and the hat is pretty much Poppy.

Elsa: There is just so much going on here from the little pom-poms around her head, the blue metallic necklace, the sparkle and trim on her top, the sparkle and trim on her skirt, the fluffy point of the hat, the bare midriff…

Izzy: You shouldn’t run out of breath just naming the accessories.

Elsa: At the very least though, she is trying her best to bring awareness to breast Cancer health and honor survivors.

Izzy: At least there’s that, furiend.

Elsa: Not everyone can be fashionable, but everyone can make a difference by wearing pink to support and bring awareness to the important issue of breast health.

Izzy: What Elsa is trying to say is “Check your boobies!”

Elsa: And what she said.

Elsa and Izzy: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!


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