Pawshion Police: Accessories Edition

Izzy: Welcome to the Pawshion Police. I’m Izzy the Frenchie.



Elsa: Welcome everyone! I’m Elsa and I’m so glad you’re here to join us on our adventure through the hottest …

Izzy: And crumbiest …

Elsa: … fashions on Instagram!

Izzy: Speaking of Instagram… Elsa, that photo of you with the collar flower from @leynaslegacy was divine! I l love that the flower added interest to your outfit without distracting or detracting from it.


Elsa: Thank you! I love accessories. Izzy, you have tasteful accessorizing down to an art. I’ve never seen you over-accessorized. This is a real talent, or maybe it’s a skill, but whatever the case, I love your editing eye.

Izzy: I’ve found that some people choose the wrong accessory, but more of them simply use too many accessories. As our mutual fashion hero, Coco Chanel once said, ” Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

Elsa: Hopefully discretion is used as to what is taken off!!

Izzy: Over-accessorizing or wrong styling has killed many a great outfits. Here is an example of someone who really does a great job choosing the appropriate accessories. Take a look at @pardonthyfrench.



Elsa: This is the beautiful Bethanee Hamilton from Oregon. Beth is amazing in so many ways, beyond her fashion sense. This young beauty lost a leg and has had to learn to adjust to her tripod stance.

Izzy: This doesn’t seem to slow her down though. She is a real hero, as well as a fashion icon.

Elsa: This hat is so lovely with the delicate material and the organic shape. It’s the perfect size for her head and looks amazing with her intricate scarf.

Izzy: Of course, black is appropriate for almost any occasion and it really is flattering on every complexion. I especially like the dark shade of her hat and scarf against her fair fur. This strong contrast really makes her eye color pop.

Elsa: The fringe on the bottom of the scarf is delicate, but the dark color also makes it powerfully chic. Scarves can turn a plain outfit into something extraordinary!

Izzy: Keep inspiring others with your tenacious attitude and exquisite fashions.

Elsa: Yes, Beth is a hero in more than one way. Another fashion hero is the suave,



Izzy: I’m swooning again. Oh. My. Goodness. Look at all this handsomeness!

Elsa: Marcel is a gorgeous man, no doubt about it and he certainly knows how to dress.

Izzy: Let’s dive right into this ridiculously chic Leona bow tie by @design.unleashed. This bow tie is the focal point of the outfit because of its size, placement, pattern and color.

Elsa: Bow ties made their debut at the beginning of the nineteenth century. These ties were modified versions of the cravat. By the mid-1880s, the bow tie had become a must-have accessory for any stylish gentleman. And notice that the colors in the tie do not exactly match the fabulous shirt from @ohpopdog, yet it is so beautiful together.

Izzy: Mixing patterns is not for the unskilled eye. Had Marcel chosen a different shirt or tie pattern, this could have gone from chic to geek.

Elsa: Let’s not fail to mention those specs! They are the perfect accessory to give the look the hipster vibe and to make Marcel look so polished and important.

Izzy: His bulging forearms don’t hurt this look either!

Elsa: No, they sure do not. Ready to go from manly man to girlie girl?



Izzy: Isn’t she just so precious? I love bling when done tastefully and this is done so well. The sparkly bow from @the_swanky_bow IS the outfit.

Elsa: Mochi is naturally beautiful! But what I like best is even though the bow is a dramatic statement piece, it is used to accentuate her natural beauty. It is utilized to sweep her champagne strands into a smooth ponytail. Though the bow is oversized AND sparkly, it still does not over-power the look.

Izzy: During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there was an emphasis on looking prosperous. Materialism and extravagant lifestyles were all the rage. At the time, every accessory had to be colossal in size. It was also thought that the more extravagant the bow, the better. The beauty of this bow is that while it is extravagant, it is also tasteful.

Elsa: The pastel color palette does a lot to assure that the bow does not overshadow the subject. I want to point out that the outfit, though not easily seen from this angle, is also beautiful and the bow compliments it so nicely.

Izzy: Bows and ribbons are so very on-trend this season. According to an article in @glamourmag, celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway says that ribbons are making a comeback. They are so feminine and they provide such an easy way of updating a plain ponytail.

Elsa: I enjoy this Instagram account a lot. Tia, Mochi and Mila are not only naturally beautiful, but they also serve as fashion icons for this generation of stylish pups. Moving onto an outfit that isn’t likely to make it into the Fashionista Hall of Fame…



Izzy: That’s an outfit for sure. Lucy of @lucyandholly_atlgirlzclub is usually so fashionable, but sadly, this outfit is truly horrible.

Elsa: Baker boy hats are back in fashion this season. This classic cap style has been spotted on some of the world’s most chic ladies.But this is just not chic at all.

Izzy: This baker boy hat does not help this outfit at all. In fact, there are so many accessories here that the eye doesn’t know where to look. There is the hat with pink trim, the bulky, chunky necklace, the harness and even the scarf in the pocket. It’s too much.

Elsa: The hat even has printing on it which makes it even more visually busy. Had the hat been free of print and the pink ribbon…

Izzy: You?? You don’t like pink?

Elsa: I love pink, but the pink in this example, is so distracting!

Izzy: I agree. If this hat had been paired with jeans and a simple top or a dress, it would have been a stylish accessory. Currently, the outfit is so busy that it distracts the eye and really does nothing to enhance the look or Lucy.

Elsa: Don’t discount this style hat!! A baker boy is the must-have hat of the season.
Izzy: Oh, and I like the striped top. Unfortunately, with so many accessories and a striped fabric, this look is just too much. I think Lucy is an accessorholic.

Elsa: Izzy, you’re going to love this next look.



Izzy: Oh, la, la, @bubalahpoochie!

Elsa: I knew you’d like it! This look on Bubalah is so clean and polished. I don’t even know where to start.

Izzy: The sweater and shirt combination is just perfect. This is proof, that casual doesn’t have to be sloppy. The sweater and shirt are complementary in style and color. The fact that the sweater and the shirt both have wooden buttons is what makes this combo special.

Elsa: You’re right. Sometimes causal can look un-kept, but this example proves that one can be impeccably dressed and styled and still give a casual vibe.

Izzy: This would be the perfect weekend lunch outfit.

Elsa: Let’s not forget the glasses! These glasses are the focal point of this entire outfit. The roundness of the frames echo the perfect, and I mean perfect, round shape of Bubalah’s hair. I LOVE when a man is so impeccably groomed.

Izzy: We saw some fantastic examples of amazing styling today.

Elsa: Though some people, like you Izzy, have the natural ability to choose and edit accessories, some people don’t know how to choose proper accessories for their outfits.
Izzy: In general, it is wise to wear no more than three or four large accessories. Any more than that and your outfit will look cluttered. Smaller accessories can be worn in greater quantity.

Elsa: Another rule-of-thumb is to abandon the old thought of matching your handbag to your shoe. This is no longer necessary. In fact, most stylish women opt not to match their shoes with their purse.

Izzy: Also, choose to go bold with either your clothes or your accessories, but not both, for the most chic look. You should not choose both a bold clothing item and bold accessory. The look will become cluttered and confusing.

Elsa: For men, choose your tie size based on your body size. If you’re a larger framed man, wear a larger tie or if you’re a smaller framed man, choose a slimmer tie.

Izzy: These are some great rules to follow and I hope our viewers keep them in mind as they choose their fashions this week.

Elsa: Remember, the Pawashion Police is not afraid to pull you over for your fashion faux pas!

Izzy: Don’t you mean, “faux paw?”

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas! See you next week.


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