Pawshion Police: 40th Edition


Elsa: Welcome all you Love Birds and especially our favorite Bride, Izzy and Groom, Filmore Dean!


Izzy: I can’t believe I married my Boo! It was the most beautiful wedding and perfect day! And of course I loved all the attention on me!


Elsa: I hope he knows what he’s gotten himself into! Speaking of getting into, can you believe this is the 40th Episode?!! We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!


Izzy: Oh, I definitely knew! You just had a lot to learn! Dang that’s impressive! I have done an amazing job training you as my Co-host!


Elsa: You are a marvel. Since you had such a busy time with the wedding and are exhausted from all the post wedding excitement, I was thinking it would be fun to re-publish our first ever Pawshion Police!


Izzy: That’s a brilliant idea! I can’t believe you thought of that!


Elsa: Uh… thanks?! I do have good ideas now and then and I had a fabulous idea for a wedding gift for you and Dean! But it won’t be ready until after the wedding!


Izzy: That’s really nice Elsa….. but I’m not very patient! Can’t you give me a hint?


Elsa: That would ruin the surprise! I love you Izzy, even if you are a pain in the buttocks sometimes, and I am so happy for you and Filmore!  We better wrap up our chit-chat so you can catch up on your beauty sleep!


Izzy: That’s thoughtful but I don’t need much sleep since I’m already as beautiful as it gets!


Elsa: Wonders never cease. On that note, we present our first ever Pawshion Police and the beautiful Dolly Pawton!



Izzy: Our first canine fashionista is the beloved Dolly_Pawton. Like her human name’s sake, Dolly not only rocks a unique chic, but she has the body to match.

Elsa: Oh my gosh, she is so fabulous in this Pretty in Faux Fur top from Eye of Dog! It’s no wonder that Dolly_Pawton has a cult following on Instagram. Her fashions are not only chic, but always unique and her attention to detail is impeccable!

Izzy: This ensemble is a more wearable, street wear version of the rose gold suit that Emilio Pucci wore to the “Everything, Everything” screening in New York City. And the white trim really helps break-up the color monotony.

Elsa: Rose gold has been a favorite of mine, even before it became a fashion trend. It really brings out Dolly’s natural coloring. I love how her sweater matches the natural color of her ears and the beige on her face is so beautiful against the pink of the bow tie.

Izzy: She’s so fashionable even her mixed drink matches her outfit.

Elsa: Dolly_Pawton, you are beautiful and we will be watching you and your fashions for years to come.




Izzy: Our next fabulous trend setter is Princess Rose of Kingmajesty and Princessrose. Oh my goodness girl, what are you thinking!? You are usually so fashion-forward, but this outfit is a miss for me while your colorful ensemble shows your individual style. What do you think, Elsa?

Elsa: I love Princess Rose and her use of bright colors. I also love the casual vibe of the outfit.  It might not be red-carpet ready, but it is great for streetwear.

Izzy: Though I love Rose’s use of color, the hat looks like an afterthought.

Elsa:  I agree Izzy. I would get rid of the hat so we can see more of her beautiful face, especially if she is going to wear her pink hoodie. I would wrap the wool scarf around her neck before pulling up the hoodie for a neater look and it will keep her warmer. Rose is such a doll and I love that she expresses her true self.


Izzy: I really like the denim UGGs! Rose could really pull this outfit together by adding a denim skirt.


Elsa: That’s a great idea! With the denim UGGs and the similar shade of blue in the scarf, a denim skirt would be a fabulous choice for beautiful Rose.


Izzy: Are you ready for our final look?

Elsa: Bring it on!


Izzy: Our final look comes from the ever so handsome, Kingston Callahan. Kingston looks stunning in his winter attire. I adore everything about this look.

Elsa: He looks like he is ready for the Minnesota winters. Layering is not only practical, but fashionable. The hat is my favorite part of this look. He really makes this outfit his own.

Izzy: My favorite part of this look is the hottie pants wearing the clothes. My second favorite is the fantastic tie. The pattern brings a bit of an urban vibe to this hipster outfit. And the amber color in the tie really makes Kingston’s eye color pop!

Elsa: Do you suppose he is single? His chiseled jaw and fierce look is quite intriguing. Also, I think it’s interesting that he chose to have a wide necked t-shirt paired with a necktie. And the knot on the tie makes it youthful and fun.

Izzy: I’d love to have seen the entire outfit. I see a peak of a red knitted sleeve, but it leaves me wanting to see more.

Elsa: Kingston is definitely a trend setter for male dogs and hipsters alike.

Izzy: Kingston, we love your outfit and also, we want your phone number.


Elsa: I can’t wait to see what we find on social media next week.


Izzy: & Elsa: Good-bye Fashionistas!  Stay Fabulous!




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Izzy the Frenchie has become a well-known voice in canine fashion. She gained instant fame when her "bath" video was aired on NBC's Today Show, NBC News with Lester Holt, CBS, ABC, Right this Minute | The Viral Videos Show and the Channel 9 News in Australia. She divides her time between Washington, DC, New York City and the Hamptons.

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