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Happy #FashionFriday and welcome back to the place to be for the hottest looks in canine fashion. Join us as we check-out the best and worst this week.

Izzy: So glad you’re here! I’m Izzy.

Elsa: I’m Elsa!

Izzy: Yawning 

Elsa: Are you tired, Izzy?

Izzy: I didn’t sleep too well last night. I had a terrible nightmare!

Elsa: Oh no! Bad kibble?

Izzy: I don’t know, but I do know that I woke up shaking!

Elsa: What was it about?

Izzy: I was at a red carpet event and I got out of the limousine and everyone was wearing the exact same dress that I was wearing. Bitches stole my look! It was so horrible!

Elsa: That would be so bad! But I bet you were wearing it better than anyone else!

Izzy: (Giggles) But of course. 

Elsa: Did you see our friend, @liviethemork and Taylor Swift wore the same outfit?

Izzy: I did. Who do you think wore it better?

Elsa: I adore both of those beautiful ladies and I think they are both stunning.

Izzy: Liv looks amazing in this Bling Sequin Bomber Jacket from Bark Fifth Avenue. I love that she has chosen to wear it zipped all the way up.

Elsa: I would have to vote for Liv too. I love Taylor’s Jaded London Sequin Bomber Jacket from Urban Outfitters but I wish she had worn a different top with this jacket. I like the idea of a cropped top, but I wish she had chosen a fabric with less texture since the sequins also add texture to the outfit.

Izzy: I also love how Liv made it her own with a hair accessory rather than adding a lot of bling to the outfit itself.

Elsa: I agree. I think that if she had worn a scarf or a top underneath or even jewelry, it would have been too much.

Izzy: We both agree that Liv wore it better?

Elsa: Yes, but we both agree that Taylor Swift is amazing, too, right?

Izzy: She is amazing! And so is our first fashionable find, @frankie.andme.

Elsa: Look at him! He looks so dapper in his Traxties tie. The neutral colored bow tie is so lovely against his complexion and against the neutral gray clothing.

Izzy: This is a case where the mixing of texture creates a magnificent result. The softness of the fur against the demure texture of the sweater is so beautiful.

Elsa: The subtle texture of the tie adds so much visual interest too!

Izzy: Don’t you just love the neutral palette of the whole photograph?

Elsa: It’s so lovely!

Izzy: He could easily go out to a nice dinner or awards ceremony in this outfit. He would stand out on the red-carpet full of black tuxedos!

Elsa: He is very fashion forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more men break away from traditional formal wear for more trendy styles like this.  I love when a man isn’t afraid to wear fur and take a risk

Izzy: I agree. He doesn’t use flash and color to draw attention. He uses neutral colors but engages the viewer with his amazing ability to mix textures. Ready to move on to a not-so-neutral color palette? Here is our next look, @misscocopuffz.

Elsa: That is a definite departure from the neutral colors of our first look.

Izzy: Oh my goodness, look at all the patterns, colors and textures!

Elsa: Coco, I love that you are bold enough to step out with your own personalized look. I am not a huge fan of this particular ensemble.

Izzy: This outfit does not do it for me at all. The visor says sportswear, but the skirt says ballet performance. I don’t think Coco knows where she is going.

Elsa: I think what is throwing this look off for me is the color scheme. The visor and skirt are both pink and blue, while the top introduces a new shade of pink and bright green.

Izzy: The top is also a sportswear item and the footwear doesn’t match any other part of the outfit in color, style or purpose.

Elsa: I would love to see Coco with a pink top, a classic ballet slipper and perhaps a tasteful collar. I’d also remove the scarf and sunglasses.

Izzy: That would look a lot better. Or if she were to wear tennis shoes, a plain white tee, and a silver sequinned jacket, much like Liv and Taylor wore, it would be a flirty, yet sporty look. It would be perfect for a concert!

Elsa: We love how you daringly use color, but this particular outfit just incorporates too many.

Izzy: Bye Felicia! Moving onto our last look which also incorporates a lot of colors, but in this case, I love it.

Elsa: @hailqueenhenny looks adorable in this colorful look.

Izzy: Of course, the YSL sunglasses make the outfit. And although the shade of green in the glasses doesn’t match the colors in the outfit, the contrast does work here. And the fact that the glasses are oversized adds interest to the ensemble.

Elsa: Because Henny is a professional model for @lisavanderpump, she really knows her angles and how to make the outfits she wears look terrific. In this case, she is wearing a Fendi puffer vest that is so colorful and amusing. She shines as bright as the Miami sun! I love that graphic print.

Izzy: I love that she shows just the perfect amount of fur. If she had buttoned her jacket up all the way, it would have lost that beach-ready look.

Elsa: I love that this is a versatile outfit too. It’s perfect for the beach on a breezy day as you mentioned, but because it is a puffer, she could pair it with a white or black turtleneck and beanie and she would be ready for the slopes in winter.

Izzy: I don’t want to talk about winter! 

Elsa: You’ve had your fill of snow, haven’t you, Izzy?

Izzy: My body is summer ready and I can’t wait to be lounging by the pool or sporting sassy seasonal fashions.

Elsa: You know what starts today?

Izzy: COACHELLA! The place to be and be seen!

Elsa: Join us next week as we explore fabulous festival fashions and hot new trends of the world’s top festival.

Izzy: Stay Fabulous, Fashionistas!

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