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Happy #FashionFriday and welcome back to another edition of Pawshion Police, where we show you the best and not-so-best canine fashion every Friday! 

Izzy: Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us. I’m Izzy

Elsa: And I’m Elsa! How was your Easter, Izzy?

Izzy: Let’s just say I had to do a few extra sessions with my personal trainer this week. Brunch was delicious, and I ate through my stash of dog biscuits by Wednesday. The Easter Bunny was pretty mischievous this year. I think he is taking a few pointers from that pesky Elf on Shelf.

Elsa: I had a wonderful Easter with my family. I’m sorry that the Easter Bunny wasn’t very kind to you. What happened?

Izzy: You know what the Easter Bunny filled my plastic eggs with? Broccoli. Broccoli! Not money or jewelry or even candy. That stupid rabbit filled my eggs with vegetables.

Elsa: (Laughing) Well, maybe he wants you to be healthy. Or maybe he was just playing an April Fool’s Day trick on you.

Izzy: I’m happy my dad had gourmet dog biscuits on our Easter egg hunt, or there would have been one injured bunny.

Elsa: At least you looked beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, I think it is time for our first look.

Izzy: I’m excited about this fabulous fashionista, the ever-so-chic, Ella Bean the Dog! You just dusted all the other fashionistas in Williamsburg AND Brooklyn, Ella! This Snow Day Puffer by Chewsy is amazing! Not only is this a functional piece that will keep her warm and cozy, but it is beyond marvelous with this soft faux fur gray collar. The color is so flattering on Ella, but it is also a good color for any complexion. And I love that she chose to wear it down.

Elsa: Ella bean is a huge fashion icon! I’m used to seeing her in a more minimalistic style. She is known to wear simple silhouettes, solid colors, no layering and a minimal amount of accessories. I love seeing her branching out into a new fashion sector by nailing this layered and styled look. The sunglasses are everything!  And I’m in love with the personalized bling from Rebel Dawg!  

Izzy: The pop of color on her collar from Ike and Stella is divine! You can tell she is confident with her look!  

Elsa: I can’t wait to see what new fashion styles Ella explores in the future. Okay, Izzy, ready for another look?

Izzy: I’m still feeling the fantasy that is Ella! Our next fashion comes from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia!

Elsa: Here is the handsome, Pumbaa wearing a leather ensemble.

Izzy: I’m sure Pumbaa was going for a tough biker look, but there just so much wrong with this outfit, I don’t even know where to start.

Elsa: Let’s start with the positives. I love the tie from Traxties. The color is great against his dark fur! I don’t love it paired with this leather vest. I’m getting a rocker/red carpet conflict.

Izzy: It’s as if the Hell’s Angels were invited to the Grammy Awards.

Elsa: Oh, Izzy!

Izzy: The outfit just doesn’t fit very well. The hat is clearly too big!

Elsa: It’s covering his handsome face!

Izzy: And it just does nothing but distracts the eye. There is just so much going on, from the tie to the over-sized hat to the fringe and buckles! This is a fashion miss!

Elsa: (Laughing) Lose the hat but keep the other pieces, just don’t wear them together!

Izzy: Moving on! Our final look comes from Little Lola Sunshine. She slays the children in this outfit!

Elsa: I am in-love with Lola! She is always delightful and such a risk taker! I love everything about this look! Unlike Ella, Lola is known to accessorize and she does it masterfully.

Izzy: My favorite accessory is the Gucci sunglasses! These round-framed metal sunglasses are so chic and really make the outfit for me. Does she look like Iris Apfel to you?

Elsa: The size and shape of the glasses definitely do a nod to Iris Apfel. She also has the whimsy of Betsy Johnson and the fun, youthful vibe of Melanie Martinez.

Izzy: She is so skillful at mixing colors and textures.

Elsa: The solid colored raincoat mixed with the Leofaria scarf is amazing.

Izzy: I also love how she echoes the color in her scarf with the hair accessory.

Elsa: I want that raincoat.

Izzy: I want those glasses. And I want to tell our viewers about an exciting opportunity. Elsa and I have talked with our favorite canine fashion houses and…drum roll, please…

Elsa: BA BA BA BA BA …that’s my drum roll!

Izzy: We are proud to announce…

Elsa: BA BA BA BA…

Izzy: A fabulous coupon code for EACH of our favorite stores. I know I will be shopping a lot this week!

Elsa: Me too! French Bullevard is a combination of modern and edgy styles, which offers a wide variety of luxury avant-garde accessories such as chains, jewelry, and vegan leather collars and leashes. It’s the brand of reference for the trendy dog owner looking for refined and stylish accessories, with a more humane approach. Proudly handcrafted in New York City. 

Izzy: Yay for French Bullevard! I chose PawsdeLuxe and Chewsy!

PawsdeLuxe is an outstanding boutique for pampered pets. Find favorite brands of A-list celebrities such as Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga. You’ll also find glamorous products such as designer collars, high-quality harnesses, luxury furniture and of course, the latest luxe pet clothing available, at

And Chewsy is the premier destination for the best in pet fashion. Along with exclusive designs by the world’s top pet designers you will find unique in-house signature places. Combining function with fashion is the best way to keep your pet safe, comfortable and fashionable. You will find fabulous and functional pieces at Go ahead and be Chewsy!

Elsa: I love both PawsdeLuxe and Chewsy, good choices, Izzy. My other go-to fashion house is Eye of Dog! Eye of Dog is a fashion brand that creates sassy, chic garments for dogs with no boundaries on what they can and can’t wear. Faux fur, faux leather, pom poms, sequins, beads…nothing is off limits.

Izzy: All great choices! I’m so happy that our good friends at PawsdeLuxe, Chewsy, French Bullevard and Eye of Dog have all agreed to offer a fantastic deal to our viewers. Simply click on the links to browse these amazing cyber fashion boutiques and enter the coupon code: Pawshionpolice at check-out to receive 15% off of your order.

Elsa: I can’t wait to see what great ensembles will emerge! Be sure to send us photos of you modeling your amazing finds! Have a great week and a great time shopping!

Izzy & Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!

For more Pawshion Police, click here. And, be sure to tune in every Friday for your weekly dose of fashion and sass!

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