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Happy #FashionFriday and welcome back to another edition of Pawshion Police! We’re glad you joined us!

Izzy: I’m Izzy

Elsa: And I’m Elsa! I’m excited to see who we have on our show today.

Izzy: Well, before we get into the clothes, I want to talk about who got out of them. Wait until you see what my producer gave me.

Izzy: That is the most scandalous photo since Kim Kardashian’s first nude Instagram selfie!

Elsa: The pawparazzi won’t leave me alone, even in my own bathroom.

Izzy: No need to be embarrassed! It just shows me that you have game. And it begs the question, why wasn’t I invited?

Elsa: Oh, Izzy, it is actually a lot more innocent than it looks. My friends Theodore and Enzo came to Texas for a visit. We were just relaxing in the tub, I promise! And of course, you are always welcome to join the party!

Izzy: Those are some mighty cute boys! Next time you decide to “relax” in the tub with two handsome men, don’t forget to call me! And speaking of handsome boys, your friend Enzo is not only beautiful in the buff, but looks amazing in clothes too. Let’s get to this week’s first Pawshion Police photo, featuring Enzo

Elsa: Look at him! Now, I’m not just saying this because we are friends…

Izzy: Friends? Mmm hmm…

Elsa: Yes, good friends. But this outfit is SPOT ON! I love the combination of the striped shirt with the polka-dotted bandana from rororiri. My friend and style expert, Melissa Garcia, says that polka dots are one of the top trends this spring. And as you know, Izzy, polka dots are a staple for fashion icon the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. This is the perfect example of how to successfully mix patterns. You look great, Enzo!

Izzy: I love this ensemble too. I adore how he is wearing his bandana a little askew. It wouldn’t have been as successful for me if it were straight. I can just imagine him sitting in a French coffee house in this outfit. Plus, his eyes…oh la la!

Elsa: While Izzy stares at Enzo’s photo, I will move onto a less successful fashion look this week.

Elsa: Oh, @bigchunkymonkey I love you so much, but this is not your most flattering look.

Izzy: No tea, no shade, Chunk, but there is a lot going wrong in this outfit. Though I don’t wear a lot of denim, I am not opposed to it. In fact, haute denim made several appearances at New York Fashion Week this year. But, this is not how you wear denim.

Elsa: I’m having flashbacks of Kurt Russel in Overboard!

Izzy: (Laughing) I was actually thinking Elmer Fudd! The hat. Oh. The hat. He wooks wike he is hunting waskally wabbits!

Elsa: (Laughing) Chunk, you are such a handsome man, but this tank top does not flatter your figure.

Izzy: Stick with distressed denim and save these raggedy jeans for yard work. If you want to wear distressed denim you have to pair it with a chic, trendy top or it looks sloppy.

Elsa: Based on his expression, I don’t think he feels good about himself in this outfit.

Izzy: We love you anyway, Chunk!

Elsa: Ready for our final look of the week?

Izzy: I’m more than ready! I love @williecute’s weekend looks! She is stunning in this mixed print ensemble.

Elsa: Willamina is the QUEEN of accessorizing! Seriously, she is masterful at adding the perfect finishing touch to all her outfits.

Izzy: Her styling is spot on. Her beautiful blonde hair has a casual feel but still looks amazing. My favorite part is the new #DanielWellington Classic Petite watch in rose gold!

Elsa: Eeek! I love rose gold! Let’s not forget about the glasses. Wayfarer style specs flatter a wide assortment of face shapes and look good on just about everyone.

Izzy: I like that she chose a transparent frame. It adds a clever touch to the outfit without distracting the eye away from the outfit or her pretty face.

Elsa: This is a big win for the pint-sized beauty!

Izzy: Agreed! You look very elegant, Willie! That just about wraps the show for today. Be sure to stay tuned because next week, along with our Pawshion Police reviews, we are going to let you in on some of the most trendy and fashionable places to shop!

Elsa: I can’t wait! I’m so excited about what we might discover next week. I just hope you don’t find any more bath photos of me.

Izzy: No promises! But I can promise more fantastic fashions and perhaps a few faux pas.

Izzy and Elsa: Stay fabulous, Fashionistas!

For more Pawshion Police, click here. And, be sure to tune in every Friday for your weekly dose of fashion and sass!

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