Pardon Thy French Celebrates National Pet Day!

Presented by JCPenney

(Instagram: @pardonthyfrench)

Every day is National Pet Day for me, but this year is extra fun ’cause JCPenney is teaming up with awesome pets just like me to spread the word about pet adoption. And they’ve sent the cutest outfits and toys to some of the coolest pups on the Internet to show us how much they care. Check out some of my friends modeling below!


(Instagram: @albertonwheels)
(Facebook: @pinkpigletpuppy)
(Instagram: @harlowandsage)
(Instagram: @mervinthechihuahua)

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States, a number that could be dramatically reduced if more people looked to their local rescue or shelter to adopt. Pets provide both physical and mental health benefits that can increase your life span. So really, your saving TWO LIVES instead of one. (source)


This National Pet Day, consider adoption. And treat your furry loved one to a gift from JCPenney’s stylish and affordable pet apparel and accessories collection!

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Main Betch

Bethanee Hamilton – previously known as Princess – was found discarded and abandoned on the side of the road on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. By chance, her now owner, Lindsay, saw a post on Facebook requesting donations to fund an operation Beth needed to keep her alive. Heart duly melted – and despite hundreds of folks ahead of her in line requesting to adopt this sick little pup – Lindsay decided to apply. Miraculously, was able to adopt Beth! Adopting her just a month after her surgery, Lindsay decided to create an Instagram account under the name "PardonThyFrench" to document Beth's recovery and the rest is history! They are both thriving, living the fab life in Portland, OR.

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