Over 100 Dogs Were Rescued From Puppy Mill—and Will Be Up for Adoption!

Regardless of whether you’ve adopted your beloved dog or purchased him or her from a breeder, odds are you’re a diligent pet owner—and you did your due diligence when picking out your furry friend. But there are terrible places known as puppy mills—a term used to describe unlawful commercial breeders—and they’re heartbreaking to dog lovers everywhere for their terrible practices and treatment. Good news, though: More than 100 pups were rescued from a puppy mill in the Midwest last week and will soon be up for adoption, as reported by Life With Dogs TV.


Story goes that the National Dog Mill Rescue, an organization devoted to saving the very canines bred in the mills, successfully rescued over 100 dogs from several different breeders in five different states, and have successfully relocated the group to a town in Colorado. Theresa Strader, the found of the National Dog Mill Rescue, explains that commercial dog breeding is so dangerous because of its throwaway attitude. “A commercial breeding dog, once it’s not producing anymore, they just kill them,” Strader told local news station KKTV, according to Life With Dogs. “The bottom line is they have no future beyond that life if we don’t step in.”


But when Strader and her team does, its a victory for dog lovers everywhere and a second chance at life for the dogs themselves. Not only will the puppies all be named and medically evaluated by the organization, but they’ll also have all of those medical needs addressed before finding their new home.


Check out the full story on the puppies rescued—plus when and where they’ll be available for adoption—in the video below.



Photo: Lydia Torrey on Unsplash

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