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Living in New York City and not having a car, we rely heavily on delivery and online shopping for getting the things we need throughout the week. Not only is it an unwanted workout to schlep dog food and groceries 5+ blocks home, but everything we buy in the city seems to be double the cost. (Probably an exaggeration, but city-dwellers I know you feel me.)


Adding to that cost, it’s important to us that we can feel good about what we’re buying and feeding ourselves, and our rescue dog Chase. I have Celiac disease so am gluten free by necessity, and for Chase, we try to be cognizant of giving him food and treats that we know are made with great, simple, good-for-him ingredients (i.e. more real food, less junk). As I’m sure you know, everything deemed ‘healthy’ these days comes with an inflated price tag.


Enter, Thrive Market! Their mission is to provide an online marketplace that makes healthy living easy and affordable to everyone. And I’ve gotta say, they do just that.



Why I Love It 


We’ve been using Thrive Market for a few months now, and it has become my go-to for restocking all of the healthy necessities for our home that are either hard to find, or too expensive elsewhere. Since Thrive’s prices are always 25-50% below retail, I use each order as an opportunity to stock up on gluten free pasta and flours, healthy grab-and-go snacks for the house, and fun new treats for Chase.

Beyond food, they also carry other items like cleaning supplies and beauty products – so I can get everything I need, in one place, shipped straight to our door. Don’t tell Chase, but there MAY have been a bottle of dog shampoo in our most recent order. Bath-time awaits!


Why Chase Loves It


Let’s level for a second. Chase couldn’t care less about health or wellness. He gobbles mysterious food crumbs off the floor without a moment’s hesitation, and could easily spend 90% of his day completely sedentary if we didn’t make him go for walks. Proof is in the pudding!


What he DOES care about, is eating (anything) and spending time with his humans (or any humans, really). So far he has LOVED the new-to-us dog treat brands that we have discovered on Thrive Market, and knowing Thrive’s high standards for their products, we’re confident that he’s getting the best of the best – whether he cares or not. I also always order a few of his favorite ‘human foods’, like no-sugar-added Sunbutter, and banana chips. They just so happen to be my favorites, too. If sharing food with your dog is wrong, I don’t want to be right!



And finally, shopping on Thrive Market means we don’t need to leave home to go to the store. And if you’ve ever seen Chase’s epically sad puppy-dog-eyes ANY time we have to leave him behind, you know this is a big deal. The dude CANNOT get enough family time. So if I can get our shopping done on the computer, while he’s parked on the couch next to me (OK practically on top of me), its’ a win-win.


Want to Try Thrive?


Thrive is offering 25% off your first order (on top of their already low prices!) and a one-month free trial. All you have to do is order through the link below, and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. No code needed!

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