On the Road with Klaus and the One-Stop Cat Shop

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Greetings from the Emerald City, Seattle! It’s Klaus’ dad here, Mick. I was recently contacted by Purina to write a blog post about my experience shopping for cat products, especially when traveling across the USA with Klaus. Now, Klaus is quite the traveller, and he’s been going on road trips and family vacations —not to mention various cat conventions— for well over a decade. Whether it’s by car or plane, Klaus is not concerned about being in a vehicle. He is blessed with an incredible ability to peacefully sleep through the whole journey, something that I wish I could do (except when driving, since being awake is quite beneficial there).



Klaus recently went on a family road trip across nine states; it was one of those unplanned “let’s see where the road takes us” adventures where you don’t have to keep a schedule. Klaus took his place in the back seat between his two human sisters and quickly fell asleep right as we left Seattle. The road took us through most of Washington State, into Oregon, then Idaho, and finally Utah. As we drove through the mountain passes, we ended up damaging Klaus’ litter box. It was strapped down to one of those hitch-mounted cargo racks that sits behind the car, but the heat from the exhaust pipe melted and warped the plastic litter box to the point that it was useless. (We also ended up leaving a trail of fresh litter for fifty miles, although this may come in handy when the roads get covered with snow!) We needed to make a pit stop to buy a new litter box, additional cat food since we were low on cans, and restock our own supplies before arriving at the next hotel. Luckily, you don’t have to travel too far to find a Walmart store to pick up on everything under one roof.



Thanks to Walmart and Purina, we found everything that we needed to make sure that Klaus was happy and healthy, and it was all in one place so we didn’t have to drive around unfamiliar roads trying to find a pet shop that may not even have been open. The One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart is the go-to place for all things “cat,” including food, treats, and even litter. And right now, you can earn special Shopkick offers on participating Purina brands at Walmart to save even more money. Just remember that #Walmart is your #PurinaPetShop whether you’re on the road like us, or simply looking for a convenient place to get your cat supplies without a hassle.



Another cool thing that Walmart is doing with Purina is offering shoppers advice on cat topics such as how often one should change the litter, when you need to switch from kitten food to adult cat food, and whether wet food or dry food is the right fit for your cat. This last point is actually very interesting because some cats thrive on both, and Klaus is definitely one of those cats. Whether at home or on the road, Klaus always needs a supply of a high-protein wet food AND a grain-free kibble, like the NEW Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain Free. While the wet food is definitely easier for Klaus to chew, it’s fun having Klaus’ three-year-old human sister bring him a scoop of dry food for breakfast! It’s her first real chore or responsibility, and if she spills some of the food, it’s easy to clean the mess (assuming Klaus doesn’t clean it first). The kibble is also a good way to minimize plaque and bacterial buildup on Klaus’ chompers. Trust us when we say that it helps keep his breath somewhat fresh, and this is a big plus when you’re stuck in a car with him going across nine states!


This post was sponsored by Purina, but the opinions are 100% my own.


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Mick Szydlowski is an author, marketing consultant and animal welfare advocate living in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, plus two young daughters and their “big brother,” Klaus the cat.

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