Office Pups to the Rescue

More and more offices are becoming pet friendly as companies strive to improve their culture and people operations. At Vettery, a tech startup located in Union Square, Royce the Frenchie is one of many office pups.

Royce, Vice Pooch of Naps

Royce brings joy to the whole team throughout the day, as his presence decreases stress, and helps increase productivity. One team member stated that “there’s nothing better than completing a tough project, then taking a walk around the office, and getting to pet the office pup”. Aside from our anecdotal experiences, there’s been some serious research done on this. So, if you need some help convincing your boss, you can drill in here.

The study also found that dogs were a communication energizer, sparking conversations between people who typically don’t interact in the office. This holds true at Vettery. In fact, the first thing a colleague will ask me when I walk in solo is “Where’s Royce?”. Each of our office pups has a very distinct personality. For instance, Boo is the official greeter and is there for anyone who steps off of the elevator, Lucy always has the biggest smile, and our newest member of the crew, Barney, is the mushiest pup.

Boo, Greeter
Barney, Talent Pawficer
Lucy, Head of Barketing

So, if stress is on the rise, and you’re looking for a way to increase smiles around the office, wag on over to HR and make the suggestion to test out a bring your pet to work day.

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Royce the Frenchie

Royce is a 3 year old frenchie with incredi-bull style. This little meatball currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he enjoys dining al fresco, listening to smooth jazz, and giving back to less fortunate pups.

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