NYC: Pet Friendly Domestic Violence Shelter Opens

According to the Urban Resource Institute (URI), as many as 48% of people stay in abusive relationships for fear of what would happen if they left their pets behind. Many shelters can’t accommodate pets, but the Urban Resource Institute in New York City is leading a movement to make pets a priority.


Established in 2013, the URI’s People and Animals Living Safely (PALS) program has helped over 92 families, including 153 children and 130 pets, escape domestic violence. URI has 66 units in five residences for people with pets, but they just opened PALS Place, a residence completely devoted to families co-living with their pets. The shelter was designed with guidance from animal behaviorists, ensuring both pets and families feel welcome and safe.


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People shouldn’t have to leave family pets behind when escaping domestic violence. Helping us #ProtectPetsToo is as simple as learning more, sharing, or donating. • 48% of domestic violence victims stay in abusive situations because they don’t want to leave their pets behind. You can make a difference: a $25 donation helps a family escape from domestic violence by providing pet-friendly transportation. And in order to be safely placed in shelter, pets are required by regulatory officials to undergo comprehensive assessment. Giving a $100 donation provides a pet entering shelter a wellness exam and vaccinations. • Your generosity goes a long way toward our efforts to #ProtectPetsToo. • With your help, we can assist more vulnerable families, including their pets, in times of crisis.

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Check out Rover for full coverage on the facility’s opening, and resources for anyone in situations of domestic violence.



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