My Dog Ate My Homework


We think of our pets as family so when they get sick we panic and have a million questions. Well, no fear, Dr. Alice Weiss is here! Dr. Weiss has been working for 30 years as a licensed veterinarian and is here to answer any questions you may have about your best furry friends.


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Dr Alice,
Why does my dog chew up everything??? Sincerely, Ripped To Shreds


Dear Ripped,
Young dogs feel the need to chew things up. Those with separation anxiety always feel the need to chew things up. Their dog stomachs can handle lots of swallowed stuff but occasionally their GI tracks can not. And veterinarians have to remove ‘foreign bodies’ like underwear and rocks and jewelry and corn cobs and bones and toys from dog’s guts. The list goes on and on and on. If you think your dog swallowed something, call your veterinarian.


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Dr. Alice has spent her life embracing and advocating the animal human bond through her work as a traditional and a public health veterinarian, a writer, and vlogger on dogsenjoylife. Some people love expensive vacations and shopping but all Dr. Alice needs is time with her pets.

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