Mutt Movie Star

There have been a bunch of adorable pups that have starred in blockbuster movies. Whether it’s Lassie, Air Bud, or Toto, dogs are always stealing the spotlight. Well, it looks like there might be another mutt movie star in town. Or so it seems. Bored Panda user IamIrene has been photoshopping her dog into movie posters, and the results are amazing.

Credit: IamIrene/Bored Panda

Nothing scandalous about this poster, just an adorable pup. I’d see a full movie about this American Cutie any day.

Credit: IamIrene/Bored Panda

A movie that follows a puppy into dog-hood sounds ideal. It’s way more adorable and it doesn’t take nearly as much time.

Credit: IamIrene/Bored Panda

The level of detail in this one is amazing. The puns, the logo, and the dog’s perfect snarled expression all make up this amazing poster.

Credit: IamIrene/Bored Panda

Move over, Jennifer Lawrence. There’s a new star in town and she looks absolutely mesmerized by those falling tennis balls.

Credit: IamIrene/Bored Panda

I’d say this pup is definitely more beauty than beast. Just look how cute she looks in that little blue dress. The paw on the book is a nice, subtle touch.

Credit: IamIrene/Bored Panda

This title is definitely the best pun of the bunch. “Close Encounters of the Furred Kind” sounds more like a cuddly homecoming than an alien invasion, and that’s fine by me.

Props to IamIrene for making these cute and clever portraits of her beloved pup.

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