Music For Your Mutt

Dogs can be pretty talented. They can fetch things, follow commands, do tricks, and even…make music? Yep, at the Laurel Canyon Animal Company, humans and pups are working together to make music for dogs, by dogs.

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Songwriters Skip Haynes and Dana Walden created this record label about 20 years ago. They began by making music just for dogs and eventually decided to include their main audience members in their process.  To this day, they say that they are the only company actually working with animals to create animal-focused songs.

So how does the songwriting process work? By using an animal communicator, Haynes and Walden can “talk” with their subjects and learn what they think about certain beats or lyrics. Through talented communicators such as Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik and Paula Brown, the team is able to have focus groups and work together to create songs that dogs love.

Credit: Laurel Canyon Animal Company

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company has produced albums such as Songs to Make Dogs Happy, which features hits like “Squeaky Deakey,” “Cookies,” and “I’m Your Doggie.” Their website even lets you listen to a sample and see if your dog responds. According to their description, listening to this album can help ease separation anxiety and calm dogs in shelters.

Studies have shown that having dogs listen to music can help lower their stress level. Scientists measured the dogs’ heart rate, cortisol levels, and behaviors as they played them different playlists. Overall, the dogs studied showed less stress when they were listening to music.

But dogs aren’t the only ones to benefit from some musical therapy. The Laurel Canyon Animal Company has also worked with cats, gorillas, birds, and pink dolphins to create some unique tunes. While you might not be sold on the idea of animal communication, you have to admit it’s a pretty fun idea. Next time you have a night in with your dog, why not give these tunes a try?

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