Munchies With Maya

Maya On The Move is a lil pup with a big appetite. They always say “you are what you eat,” and it looks like Maya agrees. Here are some of her best costumes inspired by her favorite cuisines:

She looks extra cute with slurpy ramen noodles for hair.

Maya looks happy as a clam…er, crab…in her cute hat. She makes me want to head to the beach and enjoy all the crab feasts that summer has to offer.

Take a look at this hot dog! The pickle on top is the perfect touch.

She’s sugar and spice and everything nice.

Maya looks so cute here it’s actually bananas. I don’t know what it is that makes her so a-peel-ing….but that adorable little tongue definitely helps.

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calla chuy

Calla is is a southern lady living in the big city and she's always proud to have professional puppy-phile on her resume. She is obsessed with all things PetCon and can't wait for the next one! In her free time, she can be found trying to pet dogs she meets on the streets of NYC!

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