Missing New York Cat Found 11 Years Later

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is losing their beloved furry friend.


Sadly, this nightmare became a reality for Maggie Welz. She and her family were devastated after their beloved cat, Tiger, had gone missing 11 years ago when he was only 3 years old. They were heartbroken over the loss of their pet who escaped from their home when a friend had accidentally left the door open.


After over a decade of being lost, it seemed hopeless that Tiger would ever come home. Despite the odds, Maggie refused to give up, saying “we had made a commitment to him.” Little did she know her dedication to her feline companion was about to pay off.



Carol O’Connell, an SPCA member of Dutchess County, had observed a brown and black colored cat roaming her neighborhood nearly every day. She had never seen the animal up close but noticed from afar that he wasn’t in good shape. Carol made a shocking discovery recently after she decided to follow her intuition.


Carol borrowed a scanner from work to see if the cat had a microchip. She was surprised to find out that this seemingly homeless kitty did, in fact, have a home.



Maggie was in disbelief when she got the call that her long lost friend was found. The emotional reunion was captured on camera. Even more surprising, Tiger got a clean bill of health at his first vet visit in over a decade. Ironically, this cat really did have the soul of a tiger.

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Emily Konwick

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