Miracle Missing Cat Found 80 Miles From Home

No one likes seeing a “Lost Cat” poster. But there’s no better feeling than seeing those lost pets reunite with their rightful owner. We love hearing these success stories, and this one in particular really warmed our heart.

Poor little Squishy went missing from his home in Lathrop, California. After being gone for a month, his owners were rightly worried that something terrible had happened to their precious kitty. But luckily, they got a call from the San Francisco SPCA saying they had found their missing feline.

For those unfamiliar with California geography, San Francisco is a whopping 80 miles away from Squishy’s hometown of Lathrop. No one knows how this clever cat managed to travel 80 miles to the big city.

The SPCA was able to locate the cat’s family thanks to the microchip in his neck. When shelter volunteers bring in stray cats, they always scan for a microchip to try to return these animals to their rightful home. Luckily for Squishy, his microchip helped him find his way back to his pawrents.

This story really highlights how important it is to microchip your pets. You hope you never have to use it, but it definitely comes in handy if you do. If you want to keep tabs on your furry friend, make sure they’ve got one of these little chips that can help lead them home.

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Lisa Miceli

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