Millie The Adventure Pup

There’s no doubt that Millie the Golden has been on more adventures than most people. And boy, does she make them look good. Her entire Instagram feed is #travelgoalsAF. It’s hard to choose the best shots when they all look so amazing, but here’s just a sampling:

Is this dog literally a model? She goes on the most picturesque hikes and always looks amazing.

Millie is happiest in the mountains. 📷: @johnwingfield

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Another day, another mountain. Millie looks most at home with some gorgeous, gigantic rocks in the background.

Getting cozy in the hammock 📷: @fursty

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Hammocks are already amazing and relaxing, but put an adorable pup in one and it’s basically heaven on Earth.

Evenings on the coast 📷: @bridgetmariesmith

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Sunsets are always better with a stunning pup. Once again, Millie looks like she’s staring directly into your soul.

Golden hour with our golden girl 📷: @johnwingfield

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Nothing beats a golden hour with a gorgeous golden pup. The way the sun hits her fur literally makes her look like an angel.

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