Millennial Dogs and Their Lavish Lifestyles

Let’s face it, millennials have gotten a bad reputation. Their dogs, on the other hand, are loved by all.

Here’s why…

How Millennial Pups Get Around

Crusoe the Dachshund and his bestie Herman race down the streets in their cars, while those who still get around via leash and collar eat their dust.

Mode of Pup Transport Back in the Day

Millennial Dogs and Their Bags

Ella Bean the Dog would never be caught dead in the bulky carrying cases older pups are brought around in. While those dogs may opt for practicality, Ella Bean opts for Prada.

Dogs and Their Bags Back in the Day

Millennial Dog Fashion

Toast Meets World swapped out her collars for bandanas to accessorize her perfectly matched leather jacket and purse. She tends to stick her tongue out at the guys who still wear cones.

Dog Fashion Back in the Day

Millennial Dog Treats

Chloe the Mini Frenchie can’t imagine a world without her favorite treats. Popcorn, In-N-Out burger, and lobster rolls are some of her notable favorites. What does this posh puppy turn her nose away from, you may ask? See below…

Dog Treats Back in the Day


Millennial Dog Hydration

Brussels Sprout looks forward to rosé season. Nothing quenches his thirst quite like a cold glass of pink wine to match his polo. Toilet water, however does not have quite the same effect.

Dog Hydration Back in the Day

Millennial Dogs and Their Workouts

Chloe The Mini Frenchie stays fit by doing all of the trendiest workouts. Between Doga and Barrek who has time to walk in a pack anymore?

Dog Exercise Back in the Day

Millennial Dog Wardrobe

Super Corgi JoJo knows that you have to dress the part. That’s why he’d never trade in his stocked closet for a simple leash.

Dog Wardrobe Back in the Day

Millennial Dog Bathtime

Ella Bean and her little buddy love bath time together. Bubbles and shower caps, yes please!

Dog Bath Time Back in the Day

Millennial Dog Toys

Tuna Melts My Heart can’t stop obsessing over his favorite toys so mom keeps buying them! After all, who could say no to this face?

Dog Toys Back in the Day

Millennial Dog Literature

Dogs of Instagram knows the importance of being well read, after all knowledge is power!

Dog Literature Back in the Day

Regardless of how spoiled our pooches become, one thing remains constant, pampered or not, they will always be our best friends.


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Sophie Krakowski

Sophie is a dog lover living in New York City. She's currently a junior in college and occasionally skips class to play with her four legged friend, Oliver. She's known by many as "the girl with the dog" and is very proud of that reputation!

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