Mervin Has The Strongest Hoodie Game In Town

Mervin the Chihuahua is known for being a really cute rescue pup with an adorably droopy tongue. But if you follow Mervin on Insta, you’ve probably noticed that his fashion sense is pretty top-notch too. Mervin really jumped on the athleisure trend and rocks a hoodie better than any pup I’ve ever seen.

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Here we see him lounging in this perfect little hunter green zip-up. His outfit really coordinates with the cool color palette of the bedspread.

Take a look at this cutie in camo. He knows how to rock the street style and impress anyone he meets on the mean streets of NYC.

Oh, baby! This guy looks super snuggly in his baby blue pullover. He’s got the perfect outfit for a lazy Sunday spent cuddling on the couch.

Mervin is always ready to make a statement, and he’s certainly showing that off in this red number.

A plain, gray hoodie is too basic for our pal Mervin. He knows how to jazz things up with a pop of color.

Purple is the color of royalty and I am ready to bow down to the King of Cuteness. All hail King Mervin!

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