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Corgis are adorable for so many reasons, but one is definitely their adorably stumpy legs. Their bodies aren’t among the normal anatomy and that is exactly the reason we love them. If you think these little legs are cute on a pup, wait until you see them on a cute and cuddly kitty. Meet JT Catsby, a munchkin cat with little legs and a huge personality.

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Munchkin cats are known for their unusually short legs, as we see here with our pal JT. Just look at those little petite paws.

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Short legs but definitely not short on style. Just check out how he rocks that snazzy silver bowtie.

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Would you look at that low-rise profile? JT can be super stealthy since he’s so low to the ground.

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Don’t worry, his size doesn’t slow him down. JT still gets into plenty of mischief wherever he goes.

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With those little arms, JT looks more like a T. rex than a cat. I’d go for a snuggle with this darling dino any day.


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