Meet These Adorable Bulldog Brothers

French bulldog brothers Cooper and Fredrick make quite the pair. These lovable pups are cute on their own, but they’re even cuter when they’re all snuggled up together. Plus, they’re color coordinated so they never, ever clash.

Doesn’t this picture just make you want to say “squeeeee”? You can tell these two really love each other because they can’t even sleep without knowing the other one is right there next to them.

When they run into a problem, they know that two brains are better than one. So when they’re faced with this weird metal object, they both use their tried and true nibble method to make sure it’s not dangerous.

These brothers may look a little different, but there’s one thing they definitely have in common: their begging face. When you look into their eyes you just know they’re saying “treat please.”

Look! They even have their slurps synchronized. This hungry duo loves nothing more than to hang out on the couch together and scarf down a yummy apple treat.

Is there anything cuter than dogs spooning? We don’t think so. The canine cuddles here are so real and so adorable.

You could interpret this pic as them hugging or working together to jump for treats. Either way, it really shows off their brotherly love.

Sharing is caring for these silly siblings. They might have a bit of a rivalry going on here, but at the end of the day they make it all up with snuggles.

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