Meatball’s Guide To Spring

Mister Meatball, the piebald dachshund, has a nose for knowing that Spring is about to bloom.

New life, warmer weather, flowers and leafy trees confirm that sweet smelly season is soon approaching. During the freezy frigid cold Winter all the yummy smells come from INSIDE the house – like banana bread and cheese, however Spring has it’s own
intoxicating sniffs.

Spring is a miraculous moment. After a long winter nap, it’s like the world is waking up with pretty colors tickling my paws.

However.. be careful with the little flying buzzy things.

My springtime motto is sunglasses on and tongue out. Cheer up! Spring is here!

In the spring, the green grass wants to come back so I help clear the way by removing all of the fun sticks.

If someone would like to throw this, I’d be happy to return it.

Spring is also a time for flowers and fashion. Bold adventurous colors and adorable duckie outfits are all the rage.

Why stay inside when the warmer weather is a perfect invitation to peddle a pooch?

Sometimes when I stay inside, I find that perfect sun spot.

I always keep my ears and eyes open for spring’s excitement and renewal for life.

Welcome back flower friend! I adore spring time and nature. The beautiful blossoming flowers with their scents and the sound of singing birds.

Spring sings a gentle song for all those who indulge in the rebirth of beauty, bouquets and blossoms, so go out and have a BALL! A MEATBALL of a spring!

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