Meal Prep For A Pet Pig

You’ve heard of someone “eating like a pig,” but what does that literally mean? What are you supposed to feed your piggy pet? Here’s a look at how to keep your potbelly healthy and satisfied.

The staple of any pig’s diet should be pig chow. These prepackaged pellets are made with exactly the right nutrients that your pig needs to stay healthy. Brands like Heartland, Peak Performance, Mazuri by Purina, Nutrina, and Manna Pro all make this special chow.

The most important nutrient in pig chow is protein. Pigs can’t make their own protein, but they need it to survive. Be careful not to feed them too much, though, because that can also be harmful. The protein content of the pig chow should be around 12-14%.

Ideally, pig chow should make up about 75% of your pig’s diet. The other 25% can be dedicated to snacks and treats. But what makes the perfect piggy snack? It all depends on your pig’s personal preference, but common ones include Cheerios, unsalted and unbuttered popcorn, and fruits and veggies. Our pal Hamlet the Piggy told us her favorite snacks include “strawberries, bananas, lettuce, and carrots”. What a healthy little pig!

Pigs love sugar, but it’s important not to give them too much. Fruits are good treats, but should be limited because of their high sugar content. One thing you should never, ever give a pig is too much salt. Pigs can get very sick from too much salt and get dehydrated. Some other foods your pig should definitely stay clear of are chocolate and avocados (so no guac for piggy).  

Just like people, the amount and type of food to give your pig is very individual. Set a consistent feeding schedule and see how your pig reacts. If it seems like it’s too skinny or too fat, adjust accordingly. It’s important to find a vet that specializes in pig care and can help you determine the correct diet for your piggy pal. Find what works and you’ll be hearing oinks of approval in no time.  

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