How to Marie Kondo Your Pet Supplies

Our pets spark joy for us, but what sparks joy for our pets? As a Certified KonMari Consultant, I’ve offered many practical solutions to help owners organize their pet supplies. Here are some simple tidying tips to help you create order so you can spend more time enjoying your pets’ company.


1. Envision your goals 

What do you take with you when walking the dog? Where do you play with your cat, bunny, or hamster? Imagine the ease of finding everything you need to care for your pets. Visualize adding more joy to your pet owning experience by having an organized space to support this rewarding lifestyle. Your goal will lead you to the answers on how to best tidy up your pet supplies.


2. Organize Chaos

From toys to pet food, bring everything out from your cabinets and storage area to create piles based on categories. Group like items by their purpose or material. For example, keep all the rubber squeaky toys together and all the grooming tools together, canned food in one pile, and treats in another.



3. Choose Joy

You probably already know which toys or food are your pets’ favorite. Set those aside and use them to help you compare and decide what to keep. You may come across rarely used, but necessary items such as a nail clipper. If it works well, it’s a keeper. However, some items may cause more frustration than they are helpful. And when something no longer serves its purpose, it’s time to let it go.


4. Let Go with Gratitude

Saying thank you to the items that no longer spark joy for you (and your pets) will help you become more informed and mindful when buying a replacement. Donate anything still in good condition to your local shelter. Empty expired foods into a compost bin and then recycle the containers. Discard responsibly by separating your recyclables from the non-recyclables.


5. Find the Right Home

Designating an appropriate place for each item you hold on to is the key to maintaining order. Simplify your routine by keeping the daily items such as a leash or pet food where you access them the most. Add a self-adhesive hook inside the entry closet wall for easy leash access. You may also want to attach a small basket in the same area to keep a little container of treats and waste bags for easy grab-and-go.


Stack canned food on the lower shelf by aligning the same flavors in a row. For large bags of dry food, I prefer keeping the food in its original bag rather than transferring it to a special pet food container. Use a large enough basket to allow the bag to stay upright. My clients love the idea of using a decorative basket they can keep in the corner of the dining or kitchen area because it is both attractive and useful. Just be sure to close the bag opening by folding it a few times and securing it with a heavy-duty bag clip. Place a plastic cup inside the dry food bag will also simplify the task.


Store your pet’s favorite toys in a low bin to allow them access. I recommend a plastic container so it’s easy to clean and carry. The basket can stay where your pets like to play or stowed away in the closet when you have guests.

Use a sectioned box or caddy to hold brushes, sprays, any medical and grooming products together in one place. Keep it in a cabinet near where you use the items, or under the bathroom sink. If you have multiple pets with different needs, set up for each pet separately. Fish owners can keep all the filtering supplies and fish food in one caddy along with a few rags and sponges. Group similar categories together and store items vertically for easy access.


Tidying your pets’ supplies will make living with them easier while saving you time and money. Your pets will appreciate your thoughtfulness and efforts in creating a joyful space for the whole family.



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Ann Dooley

Ann Dooley is a certified KonMari consultant and the owner of Simple Joy With Ann. In her lifetime, she’s owned 7 dogs, 12 rabbits, 6 birds, 1 turtle, and over 60 fish. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 2 kids.

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