Man Credits Dog With His $10 Million Lottery Win

Dog may be a man’s best friend, but have you ever had a best friend help you win $10 million? One man says his dog helped him win a recent $10 million lottery prize, as reported by The Bark.


But it’s not like the dog scratched the lotto ticket—rather, the story starts with Dale Farrand, a 73-year-old resident of Fort Edward, New York, who wasn’t originally even planning on buying a ticket. It’s only because Errand went to buy Boots some of his favorite treats, Slim Jims, that he purchased purchased a lotto ticket in the first place.



“I went into the Cumberland Farms to buy some Slim Jims for my dog Boots and decided to buy a ticket,” Farrand told UPI. “I scratched it in the car and started shaking when I realized I won.”


He also has plans for his lump sum prize earnings, which amounted to over $6 million after taxes. “I’ll use the money to pay off the mortgage and help out our children and grandchildren,” Farrand said. “We’ll also use some of it for home improvements.”


And while Boots and his favorite snack may be responsible for the big cash prize, it’s best to not feed your pet Slim Jims, or any human food for that matter. Stick to dog- or cat-specific treats and your furry friend will be immensely grateful.


Photo: Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash



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Rachel Zoldan

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