Loyalty Lies with Hachiko

Dogs are known to be some of the kindest, most loyal creatures. There is one dog in particular that went above and beyond. Hachiko the Akita is known in Japanese culture and around the world for being a stunning example of loyalty. The amazing story of this adorable dog continues to impress people all across the globe.

In the early 20th century, Hachiko was adopted by Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor at The University of Tokyo. Ueno commuted to work through the busy Shibuya Station. While Hachiko could not accompany his owner to work, he did wait for him at the train station every day.

Unfortunately, one day the professor did not return. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while giving a lecture and did not recover. Nevertheless Hachiko continued his routine. Every day for almost 10 years, the dog waited at the train station at the exact time when his owner’s train was due to arrive.

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People began to notice this dog appearing every single day, and they wondered about his story. Some fellow commuters had seen Hachiko with the professor before his death, but others were unsure about this mystery dog.

One curious commuter named Hirokichi Saito followed Hachiko home one day. He encountered Ueno’s former gardener and learned the story behind Hachiko’s daily visits to Shibuya. Saito had always had a love for Akitas, and he published many articles about them. He wrote an article about Hachiko that was published in a major Japanese newspaper, putting this lovable canine in the national spotlight.

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Many people were deeply impressed by Hachiko’s story, and he was regarded as a national symbol of loyalty. They even created a bronze statue in his likeness and placed it outside Shibuya Station. When Hachiko passed away at age 11, the country mourned. They cremated his ashes and buried him next to his owner.

Even today, Hachiko is remembered fondly for his undying loyalty to his owner. He is honored every year on March 8th with hundreds of dog owners coming together to pay their respects. While Hachiko may be gone, his legacy of loyalty certainly lives on.

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