Love Bunnies? Head To Japan

Fluffy tails, furry ears, and adorable scrunchy noses. What’s not to love about bunnies? The only thing better than one bunny is, obviously, hundreds of them. If you agree, then you need to go to the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima.

This tiny island in the Hiroshima Prefecture is home to hundreds of cute little bunnies. Hop on a ferry, grab a bag of food for 100 yen, and prepare to take the fluffiest instas of your life.

When you get there, you’ll be amazed at how many adorable little rabbits really live on this small island. Since they have no natural predators there, their population grows steadily. 

Credit: Daily Mail

The origin story of how these rabbits got on the island goes one of two ways. The first is that these rabbits were used as test subjects at the secret chemical weapons facility on the island. When the factory closed down, the rabbits were allegedly set free.

Another theory is that schoolchildren visiting the island brought the rabbits and let them loose.

Although no one is really sure where these cute creatures actually came from, everyone is definitely hoppy they’re hare (#bunpuns).

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